Hackers Cannot Play Directly Because Bkav Off The Server?

The person who claims to hack into Bkav's intranet said the company has turned off the server, making him unable to directly attack.0: 00/2: 23 men in August 11, account "Chunxong" on The R *** forum said Livestream manipulates Bkav's system on August 18. However, in a comment a few hours ago, this person said he could not be done directly because Bkav was off the server. "I'm sorry to announce that the direct play into the Bkav server will not be possible Yes, "This account is written on the R *** forum. According to Chunxong, Bkav's server has been disconnected so he cannot find any other way to play directly

. However, this account also uploaded a specific description of the way he could access the local network of Bkav.Tries Zing, Representative Bkav confirmed that all activities of the Company and the server still operate normal. The company also shows the procedures for handling according to the law
"Certainly the violat people will be responsible before the law," said Bkav Representative response.Hacker notifications cannot play directly because bkav has turned off the server. In the clip recorded on August 7, Chunxong once again rejected many information BKAV gave. This account confirms that the entire source of the software is selling is new as well as this person has never worked for Vietnam Security Company. Chunxong indicates the source code that this person owns is of paid applications, not open source. To assert what I shared is true, this account performs the hack directly into the BKAV's intranet in the clip. In another video posted, the hacker directly accesses the account Name Nguyen Tu Quang on internal communes for Bkav's suit's company. According to this account, the clip is recorded from August 8 because the Bkav is currently off the server. "As you can see, Bkav's system cannot protect yourself from a classic attack. Like the way Bkav claims to be a number one security company but cannot fight a simple attack, "Chunxong account is written
The streets of this security starts from August 4. On the forum specializing in sharing and selling security information R ***, the account named Chunxong has sold the source code of Bkav products, including Bkav Pro security software. This account requires emails to communicate via email to know the selling price. Zing At the time, Bkav representative confirmed this is the old source code of some component modules in Bkav software. However, this company confirmed due to the old source code so this does not affect the customer. 8/8, the account named "Chunxong" on the R * *** forum Continue to release messages On Bkav's internal chat platform to assert themselves own new data, not the old source code as this company said.

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