Hackers Steal More Than 94 Million Usd Of Japanese Electronic Money Exchange

On August 19, Japan's Electronics Trading Floor was Liquid confirmed that hacked the number of assets worth an estimated 94 million USD. The Twitter Social Network Newspaper, Liquid Global said "Wallet Hot "(Warm Wallet) of this platform has been hacked by hackers and Liquid quickly transferred properties to" Cold Wallet "after finding a problem. This platform pauses all activities to send and withdraws electronic money during the investigation and troubleshooting. The term "hot wallet" and "cold wallet" are used to distinguish the amount of money storage electronic. Accordingly, "hot wallet" is used to spend the transactions, always being connected to the internet so often is the target of hackers

. Meanwhile, "cold wallet" only to store, do not connect the network so higher safety. Liquid is monitoring the flow of stolen assets and coordinating with other trading floors to freeze and freeze and freeze and freeze Get back these assets. According to the blockchain technology analysis company (Blockchain - the encryption technology owns digital assets) elliptic, based in London, the property that Liquid announced the stolen The total value is over 94 million USD, of which 45 million USD is encoded with Ethereum technology
Finally, the transaction network of Poly digital assets also announced the stolen 610 million USD. This is the lost Installing the biggest valuable digital property ever. A few days later, Poly announced hackers almost all of the above assets. Silently established in 2014 and now serves millions of customers worldwide. This platform works in more than 100 countries./.Le Anh / TTXVN

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