Hai Phong People Queue To Buy Traditional Moon Cakes

As previous years, traditional moon cakes on Cau Dat Street (Ngo Quyen district) have special attractions with Hai Phong people. To buy cakes, they have to queue up to the queue in: 00/2: 27 nam southern September 12, dozens of people in Hai Phong long queue before the brand of Dong Phuong cake on Cau Dat street, Ngo Quyen district, To buy moon cakes. They queue order, wait for turn and wear a mask to ensure the prevention and control of Covid-19. Stretching cake effect to limit the number of guests inside at the same time. People lined up a 12/9 cake on Cau Dat street

. Photo: Nguyen Duong. The store also has to put, paste tables and sea propaganda for people to make 5k messages when buying cakes. The status of people lined up to 11:30 on the same day
Dong Tran Ngoc Danh (71 years old, Lach Tray street) said it had to go to the second eastern cake in a new morning to buy cakes. "Morning I went from 7:30, waiting for a voice without being too long, so I had to leave. I turned around at noon, bought the cake. Hai Phong people prefer to eat this cake because of the traditional flavor and a long-standing brand ", Mr. Danh said. The status of people lined up until noon on the same day. Photo: Nguyen Duong. A other guest said this year due to the influence of Covid-19 translation, people from other provinces and cities do not return to Hai Phong to buy cakes, so the number of people declined more. Nuchar years ago It must be lined up from 5pm and must be very strenuous to buy the bread. The scene to buy cakes from the beginning of August lunar calendar in Cau Dat Street is a familiar image every Mid-Autumn Festival in the port city
Bakery at Dong Phuong store does not change much compared to previous years. Baked and flexible cakes are still the most popular customers. In that, the dried cake costs 50,000-200,000 VND / unit, large flexible cakes cost from 400,000 to 2 million VND / box. Soft grilled cake costs 65,000-85,000 VND / unit. The man buys the bread after waiting time. Photo: Nguyen Duong.Theo informed from the Eastern Bakery, this year because of the situation of Covid-19 complex movements nationwide, this facility has difficulty in recruiting personnel. The amount of cake producing is not enough to meet the needs of all customers. Therefore, this baker only serves up to 20 cakes / guests at the same time. The People's Committee of Cau Dat Ward People's Committee said this morning had to send a police officer, the cadres managed urban management to the bakery to regulate traffic and Propagating and mobilizing people to keep the distance when buying cakes. However, due to the excess of people, the ward's force is thin, so there are some cases where people have not executed. In the morning, the functional force has sanctioned some cases where people buy cakes for vehicles in the middle of the road. Finally appointing the Covid-19 Coven-19 epidemic team to remind people to remind people violate. When the number of customers, the working group suggests the people to come home and return to buy in another time. Nguyen Duong

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