Hair Dyeing Process At Home Safe

Hair dyeing is simple but can cause hair damage because the drug does not guarantee or not the right procedure.0: 00/3: 31 NAMXU dominates the salon into the salon become popular in the episodes. Even some people also said they replaced hair color every week because they wanted to feel less boring. With the development of online shopping platforms, getting the type of dye is not too difficult. According to the survey of the zing reporter, with the price of 60,000-300,000 VND depending on the type, customers can buy online medicines Dyeing, even bleaching hair

. Many Hair Stylist joked that "After translation, everyone knows self-dyed. Does anyone come to salon?". However, according to them, self-dyeing at home can leave a lot of hair injuries
Chear with Zing, Vu Trong Hoa - Hair stylist in Ho Chi Minh City - said: "The self-dyeing simply but can Make damaged hair caused by non-guaranteed medicine or the process of dyeing errors. Customers often don't know how bad this is ". Hair at home is often not encouraged experts. Photo: MMPile.Nguy Hair failure when dying people who have stepped out of the salon with a sad face because the hairdresser "binds" when touching their self-dyed hair. Salonsdirect confirms Hair stylists often do not want to do anything more for such hair because the box-based dye is sold to affect hair health. This dye is usually not prepared according to the standard formula. The amount of PPD, salt and other non-suitable chemicals will damage the hair. Moreover, it does not know how to choose the color, the processing time also greatly affects the condition of hair. When the hair color is not up like the picture Many people also have self-eraser thoughts
However, the hair is not bleached properly, the brightness is not high enough, it cannot help you get the standard color. When overdose, bleach causes hair to become crispy, spongy and rough. The repair of self-dyed hair takes a lot of time and costs. Photo: Miljko. "With the eyes of professional workers, everything doesn't stop at applying a color overlapping to fix self-dyed hair. It needs to go through many other ambiguous stages," expert of Salonsdirect said. How is your hair dyeing safe? Lauren Grummel color creator said you can still try dyeing once at home in a little hair case over the previous chemical. In return, you need to ensure compliance with the instructions in the dye product. Glamor is synthesizing steps to help people dye hair more securely. Previously: Don't wash your hair in two days before dye. Kiyah Wright's famous color creation expert said: "Let the scalp's natural oil act as the fence against irritation. If there is too sensitive skin, add a sweet'n low package to the dye To prevent the drying effect of ammonia ".Step 2: Perform the front hair test by applying the color to a small part. This will help you find the annealing time. Your hair texture will be a decisive factor. Smooth hair will be fast, you may need less than 5-10 minutes compared to the rules on the box. If you have raw or dry hair, you can incubate according to the recommendation time. Sceptional 3: Never apply the medicine from the root to the tops once. When applying the dye, use a colored brush to get more accurate and professional results. Check the hair condition before dyeing. Photo: SimonskaFar.Step 4: Let the hair all color, first, apply a 1-cm scalp and stroked the tops. Because the heat from the beginning, the dye color grows faster. Then, in half the processing time, go back and cover the hair base. Holding the dyed hair color for long-term dyeing process, you should take care of your achievements. "Treat your hair like your skin" is the perspective of experts. You should use sulfate shampoo and conditioner, combined with non-alcohol-based styles. Also, maintain a little more shampoo routine because water is the worst enemy of hair color, according to Glamor. If you still maintain the frequency of how to use the day, use the "less shampoo as possible" or only use the conditioner. In order to maintain the softness, you also need to cover the mask for your hair once a week. Then, let the hair dry naturally, do not dry. The exercise reduces the big biceps fat is an obsession, making many women feel lack of confidence when wearing a two-wire dress.

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