Hair Loss Is Much, Most Likely You Are Dieting Wrong Ways?

Diet for rapid weight loss can cause hair to break much because it does not provide enough nutrients needed for hair. Express weight loss diet can help you get into weight quickly. However, the "weight press" by fasting, cutting fat, eating lack of protein, lack of starch can be the cause of non-control hair loss. According to nutrition experts, most likely the body You are lacking the following nutrients: The image of the lesson is normal when dieting to lose weight People often remove the fat from the meal, but don't know that the hair needs to have enough nutrients like vitamin E, Omega-3 oil is much in the fat to be strong. If you abstain from complete fat, hair follicles, hair cells are gradually weak and cause hair loss

. Protein not only fat, protein also plays an important role in the production of hair fibers. Lack of protein causes dry and easily broken hair. Top hair professionals have recommended, if applying protein-reducing diets will risk a lot of hair loss
Zinc is essential, indispensable in protein synthesis and scales with hormone levels. With hair, zinc plays an important role in the development of hair tissues; Keep the oils around the follicles work well, help limit dandruff and dry hair; Helps strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss. Iron displaces are composed of hemoglobin of red blood cells. When iron deficiency, the body will lack blood, which can cause the blood flow to circulate to the brain less, causing hair sprouting cells not provided enough nutrients to grow into a healthy hair, hairdressing Easy to break more than usual. In particular, diets are less calorie, little starch can cause broken hair a lot of hair. Vitamin D according to some studies, vitamin D helps stimulate cell growth and help create hair follicles new. Vitamin D is absorbed mainly by exposure to the sun and eating some foods to supplement this nutrient. Therefore, when you diet lose weight making vitamin D deficiency body can make hair easily fall, longer grows more. Diets for hair you are healthy when you have a healthy diet. A balanced diet, consists of dairy preparations, proteins, fruits and vegetables that help maintain silky hair
Protein also helps the body healthy. Otherwise, the hair will dry hard, easily break or grow slowly. Trees and vegetables can provide a full range of essential vitamins for hair to grow well. Vitamin A and C play an important role in susceptibility to help shine hair. If you have to diet, you should refer to your doctor before applying a weight loss diet. Yes so you can get a balanced diet and keep your body healthy.H (TH)

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