Haircrims, Phone Accessories Switch To Vegetables

A series of hairdressing salons, phone accessories stores, rice shops ... Switching works and becomes a spot selling vegetables and fish meat during Hanoi time. Nearly 2 months made of ways, mass Business establishments that are not essential in Hanoi must be closed

. In that situation, many people quickly shed, quickly turn to items such as vegetables, fish meat ..
Laundry shop of Ms. Quynh Mai family on Yen Hoa street (Cau Giay), before the translation Agricultural sales. Since the city made a social way of socializing, she decided to close the fruit to sell until now, calculated for nearly 2 months. "My first I don't think there is a charm of sales, switching to business this item due to wants to pay rent, money expenditure for the whole family is very expensive. Accustomed, "Ms. Mai said. Also like Ms. Mai's family, Mai Thi Luong Hair Shop for the epidemic. Ha Giang's hometown, sometimes sometimes she or she takes vegetables and shoots .
. from home to sell to acquaintances around the neighborhood. Up to now, this item becomes a source of food for her small store. Self-cultivation of hills, self-salt, orange, grapefruit, and cassava ... are sister-in-law. "Sales already feel happy, at least I have work to do in today's difficult circumstances. Sometimes my husband teases the end of the epidemic, making a hair salon or selling vegetables," she smiled. Store selling telephone accessories on Hang Paper Street (Hoan Kiem District), listed plastic shorts are presented. One side to fruit, one side is vegetables. Day 24/7, when Hanoi applies to relax according to the 16th direction, also the first session Le Lan Thanh's shop converts business to sell vegetables tubers. "My relatives have a food supply company in Me Linh, is also available to trade so I don't think much, deciding to switch," said Thanh. Thanh said before the store had before the store Nearly dozen employees work. The disease broke out, only more than half of them could go home. Others stayed and then became a vegetable seller for the host. Nguyen Thi Lan sold pork at a market in Me Tri Ward (Nam Tu Liem District). When the epidemic outbreak, she also take a break. Being an acquaintance, she rented the premises as a phone store for 10 million dong and continued to sell pork there. "Sometimes it is a good luck and a little fastness of the seller," Mrs. Lan said. The budget rice of the Ms. Diem so far was also "turning" into a fruit-like stall like apple, dragon fruit, Watermelon ... along the streets in Hanoi are now not difficult to find such business conversion stores that grow relatively. For many people, if there is no collection to compensate for premises, employee salaries and many other things, this is a business model to help them reduce any difficulties of the ways. Phone into agricultural counters in the middle of the old town due to the impact of Covid-19 translation, some phone stores, clothing, car repair in Hanoi ... Switch to sell food and agricultural products to maintain collection enter. Thao Thao

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