Hairy Belly Fat, Hot Girl Tram Anh Must Maintain Slim Waist With Familiar Subject

Fatty liposuction does not mean that the sisters stop practicing but the waist is still small. Tram Anh also has to struggle all kinds of sport, including 1 Copy from the 'mothers' in the park.0: 00/2: 55 NAMTRY UK is one of the hotgirl coming out from the city Public of the program "Hot and World Cup 2018". Despite going through the continuous scandal and famous in a rather negative direction but now she is gradually gradually removing all gauze. Although gout her dress is now more discovered than older but does not mean that Body has a sign of degradation

. About the year of 2019, Tram Anh Lam into the crisis and has eaten innocent to make the abdomen. She had to rush to liparitten to remove Thanh Xuan.Hotgirl 9x revealed my body measurement unevenly, whose breasts and three were stable, and the waist just needed a little bit Will be fat
Each public that he experienced many aesthetic surgeries but Tram Anh regretted the most about smoking. Because not having to absorb liposuction is the waist will be beautiful but the person who works must have to diet is extremely much, otherwise fat will recover as originally, the body is very fast, extremely takes time and money It is useless again. He can now be more confident when showing off in tight sets. Her waist is not too toned and floating like other Vbiz beauties but can tell the very pretty mold. The advantage of the first round and the apple ring can only be beautiful when the second round is slim. Tram Anh is now beautiful and sensual to be even more than old. Her fashion is now discreetly very much, but everyone can see certain confidence of the former Hotgirl World Cup. On her personal page, it can be realized, the beauty of Ha Thanh has to "plow" extremely hardened sports. She practiced golf, jumping, high-strength cardio set to maintain a shape. As shared with communications, once the belly fat, if the person does not have a reasonable dining and exercise measures, it will be very easy to recover fat
Recently, 9X also tolerates a new department that makes fans not surprised. It is the disciple shaking around. The girl shook the ring in both the waist and thighs in the time of making social ways. Really, shaking the ring was no longer a strange subject with Vietnamese women. Shaking the ring used to be used a lot more about 10 years ago. Now we are still witnessing this department in the park. Before having a way, in every corner of the park there are always the image of middle-aged sisters who focus on shaking around together. There are things they use other beads, which are made up of round particles to increase the effectiveness of the abdominal impact. It is less likely to be implemented by young people because it has been entangled in the past. Many people said that shaking the ring should only apply to the "mothers", who have gone through birth. And the sisters have not yet born, it should not shake around because it has a negative impact on the biopsy agency like ovaries, eggs. However, experts have corrected that this reasoning has no grounds. The inner genital organs include ovaries, egg pipes, uterus ... located deep inside the abdomen. It is surrounded by many muscles, the fat layer should be very safe, not affected by moderate impact on the outside. Shake the ring, including shaking the grain ring only affects the outer muscle group, the impact force is not strong enough to hurt the bodies inside the abdomen. For high efficiency exercises, you need to do True action. At the beginning, when practicing you will feel painful pain, even a little deep in the waist, hips but only need to persevere the 3-4 days you will gradually get used to this exercise. - First you step In the round, pick up the round, put the waist horizontal. - You can completely leave a front leg, a rear leg to balance or put 2 legs wide with shoulder about 38-50cm.- Hand holding round, rotate Foreign clockwise. At the same time shake hips and waist follow. Try to create a inertial force so that the longest self-rotating ring can. - shoulders, neck, legs keep fixed, only use force from hips and waist to rotate. To shake the ring for the longest and not fall, you need to coordinate the parts on the body, especially the hips and legs. - During the process of shaking the ring, keeping a straight position, raising the head. The more tight stomach, the pressure between the ring and the fat will be faster and more efficient. - Newly shook the ring at a slow speed, then fast.

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