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Winter carries the dry air dry as your hair becomes fiber. However, you can improve the health of the hair by changing some habits. The tie of a tail-tailed hair with a hairstyle is loved by many people because it is easy to do. However, tying the ponytail can cause hair to break. Your hair is even more vulnerable when the weather moves cold, so this is when you should let your hair get rest

. You can clamp your hair instead of tying the ponytail. The winter is the time you should let your hair get rest. The hair trimmed regularly with experts, your hair needs to be trimmed regularly (usually 8 to 12 weeks once, depending on each hairstyle)
In the summer, your hair may have grown much, but you should still trim. In fact, hair will grow healthier if you remove all dead hair tops. If you are in a specific hairstyle, such as Bob hairstyle, maybe you need to cut your hair every 3 weeks To keep the appearance and glossy. Practicing more often is required to maintain the design of the hair. But if you are more comfortable about your appearance, it can last that time to 4 to 7 weeks. For medium long hairstyles, experts think you should only trim for about 3 or 4 times a year Is enough. For hair bending, hair stylists recommend the most hair cutting 12 weeks between cuttings. If the hair is transformed or damaged due to the heat, you should check if the hair needs to cut every time it is stained or not to avoid overcare the tail of the tail. If your hair is easily split or you have to treat a lot Chemicals, then trimming every 8 weeks will help keep your hair healthy. East, hair needs more moisturizing with a natural source mask
Moisture for your hair more in the winter months, Your hair will dry faster. That's why you need to moisturize hair more often. You can moisturize your hair once a week using a type of hair mask or a deep nursing therapy. Also, you can search for oils that contain plant-based ingredients such as avocado, Almonds, argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, ... They have moist lock. If these things are available in the kitchen, you can also use it to make a weekly hair care mask. Change styling products, dryers and hair curlers can damage your hair. It is difficult to reverse heat damage caused by those devices. Winter is the perfect moment to change your hair styling devices. You should choose to choose the shampoo containing nioxin. However, you also need to make sure that you choose a shampoo that does not remove natural oils on your hair. Note The selection of shampoos contains nioxin, helps clean, air conditioning and light treatment, suitable for use in the winter. You should also choose a humidifier of hair moisturizing for hair. Reality, the addition of moisture will help hair without curly and static absorption. Apply masks for hair once a week or when necessary will be very effective. Experts recommend that you use air conditioners with masks to help your hair as soft as possible. Regardless of the cold outside, but if you understand what you're 'fighting' will help your hair a lot better. It is very easy to break when the hair is wet. Hairy habits while washing your hair or when the hair is still wet. However, your hair is easier to break when wet. Therefore, you should let your hair dry before brushing.

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