Haiti Has A New Prime Minister – An Important Milestone For Stability

On July 20, Mr. Ariel Henry was officially sworn in the Prime Minister Haiti, took on the leadership role in this Western Hemisphere Country, after nearly 2 weeks President Jovenel Moise was assassinated. Ariel Henry is one 71-year-old neurologist, was appointed by President Jovenel Moise to be just a few days before he was assassinated. However, Ariel Henry has not yet taken office has created a space for political rivals to win power. However, after a period of dialogue to find the resolution direction, Prime Minister Claude Joseph decided to resign, return to be Foreign Minister Haiti, to cede the position of Prime Minister for the person who assigned the President

. New Prime Minister Ariel Henry. Photo: Then24 at the inauguration in Port-au-Prince, the new Prime Minister Haiti Ariel Henry spent a minute wearing the mind to remember the Moise President, claiming to bring the culse related to the assassination Justice. He affirmed, it was time for Haiti to be unified and stable
And as the head of the government, Mr. Ariel Henry is committed to creating the best conditions for the people of the country to vote for the President in September, with the highest participation rate, and express International expectations will continue to support this national government. "We will build a safe, reliable and stable environment, to facilitate the above political activities throughout the country. We look forward to a large number of people in the presidential election, with the highest vote ratio. For international partners, we believe in your support to help Haiti face existing emergency situations as you have supported in the past, "Ariel stressed. Also at the ceremony Hey, the Prime Minister At the end of Haiti, Mr. Claude Joseph also called on the new government to restore order and security as well as efforts to strengthen a devastated economy due to criminals Increasing and pandemic Covid-19. "The prime minister received a special situation in a special situation, which was the absence of the Republic President - who could have acted as a shield. Haiti is facing a crisis without precedents in the country's history, incremental insecurity; The precarious socio-economic situation .
. ", Mr. Joseph said. Claude Joseph hopes that" the blood of the president "poured down will help open a new Haitian country. With the Haiti with the new prime minister, most of the residues Thesis and outside Haiti are expected to be an important step for the stability of this country. Before the inauguration took place, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Canada and the European Union raised their support for Mr. Ariel Henry to establish a new government. However, an opposition alliance in Haiti called him Henry is a foreign puppet and rejects his appointment, and argues that the inauguration is just a political provocative action, will pour more oil into the fire and push the country into further crisis. As the late Prime Minister Haiti has just resigned, it is clear that the new Prime Minister Haiti is facing many challenges; Those are potential political challenges to organize an election, the increase in violence of gangs in society and a difficult economy due to Covid-19 pandemic impact ... /. / VOV1 General

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