Haiti Is Tangled, The Head Of The Senate Demanded To Take Power

Senate Haiti - currently only consists of a third of 30 senators, on Friday who nominated the head of Joseph Lambert as an interim agency after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.0: 00/3: 00 The southern car was burned by protesters on Haitian streets. Photo: Aptheo Reuters, this move makes Haiti deeper into the political crisis, because the constitution does not specify who will take advantage of power in an emergency situation. At the same time, the opposition factions are dismissal. Prime Minister Claude Joseph declared to temporarily lead the country after Mr

. Moise was assassinated on July 7. The head of the Maiti Election Agency - Mathias Pierre said Mr. Joseph would hold this role until the presidential and parliament elections were held on September 26 (first round) and November ( Round second)
The United Nations faculty in Haiti - Ms. Helen La Lime on Thursday to support Prime Minister Claude Joseph continues to take power until the election organized. The envoys call for stakeholders Displacing the differences to "outline a common path towards the future, and overcome this difficult moment of peacefully". The police traveled near the scene of Moise's assassination. Photo: APT President Haiti - Jovenel Moise (53 years old) was assassinated in the attack aimed at home at an hour on July 7. Lady Mr. Moise was seriously injured and was taken to the state of Florida (USA) emergency in critical condition. Jean Jean Wilner Morin - Chairman of the Haiti National Judge Association, who took the president's position Emergencies must be the Supreme Court Chief Justice. However, this position is currently empty after the Chief Justice René Sylvestre has died because of Covid-19.An after Mr
Moise died, Prime Minister Claude Joseph declared to temporarily take over Haiti. Previously, Mr. Joseph was appointed by Moise as Prime Minister in April 2021.The Morin said to let Claude Joseph be officially replaced by the Moise President, he would have been approved by the Haitian Parliament. But the National Assembly is currently empty, so it is no longer possible to vote. Moise President is assassinated two days after he appointed another Prime Minister - Ariel Henry, to prepare for the upcoming election . "So we have two prime ministers. A prime minister was at (Mr. Joseph) and another Prime Minister was legally appointed by the President (Mr. Henry). "Mr. Morin said, there was another successful script that could happen. "The precedent is in 2015, the National Assembly Chairman has replaced the president. Currently, we don't have a parliamentary president, but there are still one-third of the Senate in the National Assembly chaired by the former Senator Joseph Lambert, "said Morin .do worry about unrest, Haiti is still In an emergency under the Prime Minister Claude Joseph's orders. Professional orders, border closures and closer communication control measures are applied nationwide, while soldiers are deployed throughout the street. The 15-day urgent order will take effect until the end of this month. Prime Minister Joseph said he felt bothered by rivals trying to take advantage of Moise assassination to take political power. "I don't Interested in the power competition, "Joseph said in a short interview over the phone. "There is only one way for people to become president in Haiti. And that's through the elections. "Minh Hanhtheo Reuters

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