Haiti To Save, Calling The Us To Send Troops To Help After The President’s Assassination

Haiti urged the US to send soldiers to protect the main airport and other important infrastructure of the country in the context of unstable situation after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.0: 00/3: 30 domain Male Haiti protests condemned the assassination of Mr. Moise. Photo: Haiti's interim government said on Friday that they asked the US to deploy the army to protect the important infrastructure after the President Jovenel Moise was assassinated. "We certainly need support And we asked international partners to help, "said Prime Minister Claude Joseph told AP but refused to provide more details

. "We believe that partners can support the national police to resolve the situation." A car was burned by the protester. Photo: APPs: AP security volume guards around the scene of Moise assassination
Photo: Mathias Pierre - Mr. Mathias Pierre said the above request was given after US Secretary of State Tony Blinken and President Joe Biden himself "promised to help Haiti" after the president killed on 7 / 7, the New York Times reported on Friday. Pierre warned that terrorists in the urban area could take advantage of the current tangled situation and perform the next attacks. "The Talent Group Support for the mercenary wants to create chaos in Haiti. Therefore, attacking the gas and airport stockpiles can be part of the plan. "When it was asked by Sputnik news agency to clarify whether the Pentagon will send any military support to come. Neither of the Caribbean is, another official of Haitian election agencies declined to comment. The HaiTi Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Jalina Porter also refused to confirm the information Haiti "Bridge to save America" in the press conference on Saturday Six. But the Secretary of the White House Jen Psaki said the federal agents from the FBI and the domestic security will be sent to the capital of Haiti to support "as soon as possible." Robenson Geffrard, a journalist At Le Nouvelliste, Haiti's major newspaper repeated Pierre's concerns about unrest, saying that "the feeling of insecurity" and "the black shadow of violence" is covering the country
Haiti waving Passport in front of the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince to apply for asylum. Photo: APPEPE: APPAY: APT president Jovenel Moise was killed by a gunman to death at home near Port-au-prince in the early morning Private. His wife was also seriously injured and was taken to hospitals in Miami, Florida (USA). In some detailed information about assassins, Haitian officials alleged that at least 28 people behind This conspiracy, including 26 Colombian citizens and two Haitian Americans, Leon Charles National Association on Thursday confirmed that 15 Colombians and two Americans were temporarily seized, while three others were killed During the fire with the police. At that time, he revealed that the eight suspects were escaping. The Minister of Defense Colombia - Diego Molano said that a number of mercenary members were former Colombian soldiers. Colombians related to the assassination were recruited by four companies and went to Haiti in two groups through the Dominica Republic.Hai Haitian, defined as James Solages and Joseph Vincent, admitted them as a session. Translate to assassins, according to Judge Clement Noel of Haiti.Hai suspects said the original plan was to kidnap the president and transferred him to the national palace. However, the judge revealed Solages "very evacuated" in some answers. The testimony will not open more details about the engine of the suspect group. The suspects are arrested with many exhibits. Photo: Aplo is concerned about unstable status, Haiti is still in an emergency with Prime Minister Claude Joseph's orders. Professional orders, border closures and closer communication control measures are applied nationwide, while soldiers are deployed throughout the street. The 15-day urgent order will take effect until the end of this month. Prime Minister Joseph said he felt bothered by rivals trying to take advantage of Moise assassination to take political power. "I don't Interested in the power competition, "Joseph said in a short interview over the phone. "There is only one way for people to become president in Haiti. And that is through elections. "Minh Hanhtheo RT, AP

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