Haitian President Was Shot 12 Bullets, Work Rooms And Bedrooms

Haitian authorities said they destroyed four participants of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise and arrested two other related guys. Security staff are present at the scene. Near 24 hours after the Presidential Assassination Haiti's Jovenel Moise in the bedroom at his own house, gunfire resounded in Port-au-prince when the security force guns with a group they considered to be a security force, 4 Those who were destroyed and the two were arrested. The Minister of Attorney Haiti Claude Joseph said the authorities are continuing to search for "mercenaries" to participate in the attack. However, authorities did not identify those who were destroyed or imprisoned, they did not have evidence of these guys related to Mr

. Moise's death. The crisis was rapidly deeply deepened The chaos and violence that lasted many months in Haiti, De threatened to push one of the most difficult countries in the world into the wild condition. The Haiti Leon Charles murder said, security forces were Control the situation even if he admitted other suspects that were not yet arrested
Haitian Ambassador in USA Bocchit Edmond said, murdering Mr. Moise was done by "killers and distressed Creating the article ". According to Judge Carl Henry Destin in Haiti, the attackers have been assembled as the agent of the US anti-drug agency and rushing into the President's own house in the capital of the Capital around 1am . He said, a maid and another member of the family employee was tied by attackers when they came to the bedroom President Moise - who was shot 12 bullets. "The President's office and bedroom were searched" - according to Mr. Destine - "We discovered him lying on their backs, green pants, white shirt with blood ...". According to Mr
Destine, Mr. Moise was shot with both a large and small 9 millimeters. Meanwhile, Mr. Moise's daughter escaped the bedroom without anything. Hosise Martine Moise was injured in the attack and was transported to emergency. Prime Minister Joseph said she "passed the danger" and in a stable condition.

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