Halle Bailey Announced The Movie ‘mermaid’ Closed Machine, Revealing The First Picture

The actress expressed her movement when closing the movie 'Mermaid' movie Live-Action.02: 00/2: 11 South Aong in the most controversial actors when participating in Disney movies - Halle Bailey This has announced the completion of the female role in the Live-Action Mermaid. She said the film has completed the scenes and anxiously waiting for the day of the work to be released by the audience.Halle Bailey announced the role of play in 'Mermaid', revealing the first picture on the personal page I, Halle Bailey moved to share: "And that's all .

.. It's a nice result. After trying to play this movie when I was 18, I was about to turn around 19, until now completed filming when I turned around 21
Finally we did ... I felt like I was grateful for experiencing this movie in all its glory. It was the most difficult experience when Leaving everything and everyone I've ever known, feels suspicious of yourself / loneliness, but also feels free and persistent to go to the end. This experience has made me much stronger than What I've ever thought.Chare Halle on the personal page. I am very grateful that there are lovely and talented people in the cast like @jonahhaerking will be my friend of life forever, @jacobtrembllay, fish Well makes me very proud, and legends like @bardemantarctic @melissampccarthy @awkwaFina @DaveDiggs are the masters about their field but very welcome and open with the little girl is me, as well as with the same Back of the beautiful cast and the film crew. I can't wait for time to accelerate so that you can all watch this movie because it is made of a lot of affection (plus sweat and tears) lol Thank Sardinia for a great finish !!! ".Kake with the article posted is the image of Halle swimming near the coast
Although the image is pretty taken when the sunset falls, it can guess this is her shaping as a mermaid . Previously, some of her images in the backstage of the film were also revealed that netizens were interested. Halle's photo in mermaid shaped she revealed.Halle Bailey was the first color princess in Disney's Live-Action sets. Initially, when NSX announced to choose her incredibly incredibly ariel got about countless opposition, criticism of fans around the world because the appearance was said to be impossible Suitable. However, overcome all that, Halle went to the last step and completed his role. Some behind-the-scenes films were revealed. How is the Live - Action version and Halle's efforts have recognized audiences? All can only answer when the film officially launches the audience in the future.MiGI

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