Halthism For Jack, Thien An Reveals The Scary Thing Of Women

Sharing of Thien An makes many people not worried about.0: 00/1: 39 namleng singer's love of singer Jack attracts attention from public opinion. Although it was sorry to apologize, Netizen still hadn't ignored the wind waves. About Thien An, she is currently a single mother after everyone goes with Jack. Recently, Hotgirl 9x suddenly has a poster on a personal facebook page, sharing "melasma, hair loss" child giving birth to Jack

. This makes fans not worried about Thien An. The security updates new images on the personal page. It can be seen that the beauty of a mother "looks forward to the eyes"
It is noted, under the Thien An comment to post the image on the hand. Perhaps she also tasted the consequences of postpartum women: "My hair is falling a lot but losses of crying," Thien An added. "Birth and thought more", Thien An Bạch. After birth hair. In fact, the change of hormonal during pregnancy is the main cause of hair loss a lot after birth. After childbirth, estrogen content in her body began to gradually decrease and the hair was not only falling as usual but the number of hair failed during pregnancy. Therefore, many women saw hair loss a lot after 3 - 4 months of birth, even a phenomenon of hair loss. In the absence of breastfeeding, the body secreted the hormone prolactin to make breast milk abundant, click Enjoy milk excretion. Prolactin is an estrogen inhibitor so it causes hair to fall more. According to the doctor's advice, you should keep the spirit comfortable, eat enough nutrients
In particular, avoid excessing bathing, shampooing, hair combing during postpartum. Be sure to ensure clean hygiene, keep the hair and scalp. From the date of posting admitted children with Thien An, so far Jack has not had any new moves. Southern singer still "in hiding" wears the city. A wide range of audiences asked to boycott Jack from the upcoming TV show game in September.

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