Hamad (qatar) Won The Best Airport Title In The World

Hamad International Airport in Doha (Qatar) has excellently won the No. 1 position for the 'Best Airport in the world 2021' in the rankings based in the British-based Skytrax. 3: 31 Qatar Hamad International Airport has excellently won the title of "World Best Airport 2021". (Photo: Skytrax) Specifically, Skytrax announces a list of the 100 best airports in the world Choose by global passengers from August 2020 to July 2021. In which, airports in Asia account for overwhelming in the top 10 airports in the world are published

. Top list is the yard Hamad International Flying in Doha (Qatar), 2nd position belongs to Haneda International Airport in Tokyo (Japan); Changi International Airport (Singapore) after years holding the top position has dropped to position 3. Other positions in the top 10 turns belong to Incheon International Airport (Korea), Narita International Airport in Tokyo (Japan), Munich International Airport (Germany), Zurich International Airport (Switzerland), Heat International Airport Hrow in London, (England), Kansai International Airport (Japan), Hong Kong International Airport (China). General Director of Skytax, Mr
Edward Plaisted said: "We are happy to announce that the yard Hamad International Fly was voted the best airport in the world in 2021. was inaugurated in 2014, Hamad International Airport quickly became a favorite location. From the third place in 2020, Hamad rose and led the best airport ranking in the world this year. In order to achieve this honor, Hamad's team includes management, employees and stakeholders have made great efforts. We would like to congratulate them. ".SkyTrax said, titles to record the efforts of international airports in response as well as adapt to the challenges that pandemic Covid-19 caused Hamad International Airport Manager, Mr. Badr Mohammed Al-Meer said that this achievement is to show the airport 'ready preparation in responding to global pandemic. So far, the ability to be ready to respond to the crisis, the non-stop business strategy of Hamad International Airport as well as agile and effective response to Covid-19 pandemic continues to be organized by organizations First in the industry. Hamad International Airport was built and opened by the Qatar government to replace Doha International Airport before
The airport also has another name as New Doha, opened in April 2014 at a cost of 16 billion USD. The airport is about 4 km southeast of Doha Capital Center. The airport is the activity center of Qatar Airways. HamAd provides 138 check-in counterfeiting counters. Including 108 counters for passengers cavity categories and other airlines, 16 counters for merchant classes, and 14 luxurious counters with separate spaces for first-class passengers of Qatar Airways. The airport has an initial capacity of 30 million passengers a year. Skytrax began announcing the rated rating board in 1999. This year, in addition to the "best airport in the world", Skytrax is also public Dad added another item, which is "the best airports in the pandemic". This is a new award, supplemented in the context of epidemics that appear in the last 2 years. There are 39 airports named in this ranking, but Skytrax does not rank in order from high to low but listed in the alphabet order. In this number, Rome's Fiumicino Airport (Italy) is awarded "Airport 5 stars Covid-19". Haneda Airport in Tokyo is also awarded the title "Cleanest airport". Istanbul Airport (Turkey) was chosen as the "most progressive airport"; Changi won the "Best Air Staff" award; Incheon of Seoul (Korea) is the "Best Security Airport" and Centrair Nagoya (Japan) brought about the award "Best Area Airport" .... /. Hoai Ha (According to Skytrax, Vogue. com)

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