Hand Over The Pork Tail Monkey For Vu Quang National Park

Ky Anh District Forest Protection County (Ha Tinh) has handed over Pig tails - Animals of Group IIB for Vu Quang National Park.02: 00/1: 08 Southern Southern Region Anh Luong Xuan Song handed over fish Pig tail monkey for the British type rangers. Before that, around the end of June 2021, on the way to work, Mr. Luong Xuan Song (Tan Phong village, Ky Phong commune, Ky Anh district) Meet some people The trap caught the pig tail monkey.When saw the injured monkey, Mr

. Song bought care. After nearly 2 months, it was taken care of by the British family, so far, the pork tail monkey is healed, healthy Strong. Body of pig tails on the list of endangered, precious and rare forest animals group IIB
Number (20/8), Mr. Song actively contact the police of Ky Phong commune and district forest rangers Ky Anh, voluntarily passing the monkey individual to drop with the natural environment. During the pork-tailed monkey, the Bat Anh district is handed over to Vu Quang National Park to watch and take care of health , then drop about the natural environment to real Currently, it is known that the individual pig tail monkey is in the list of endangered, precious and rare forest animals group IIB, at risk of extinction, conservation priority.

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