Handling Scooters Do Not Explode Machines Due To Long In The Days Of Social Distance

During the social way of stretching, or some reason not to use to motorbikes for a long time, many vehicles have difficulty explosive machines, especially with scooters: 00/4: 41 Southern It is a car launcher as one of the signals that scooters are about to run out of battery. Artwork: BNews / TTXVN PhatTheo Yamaha car manufacturer engineers, Battery-head scooters often have signs such as do not explode, weak car horns, car lights are not bright ... compared to digital motorcycles , The design does not need to start booting in some gas vehicles will make it harder to overcome

. Meet this case, the user should not be too worried by the following suggestions that can be handled at the end of the most effective and safe scooter battery. The name of the reasons for the car Quadies the battery ends the battery is essentially the condition when the battery is completely electric. Batteries are electrical energy storage parts for vehicles, while providing energy for other electrical equipment such as horns or car lights and energy sources to start the vehicle
Therefore, when the power source in the battery is exhausted, users will be difficult to start the car. The condition of the batteries can end from the following reasons: - The car has long failed for a long time , as in this social way of stretching this social way: the car does not boot can still cost power. The cause of this phenomenon is because the smart devices on the car still consume electricity. So when leaving the car for too long does not use, the battery can still run out of usually. -Whoping the car or turning on the electrical device although the vehicle does not explode: Many people have a habit of still turning on electrical devices Car's gas station is not used. This habit will make the battery quickly, especially when this habit keeps repeating many times. - Facing other electrical devices: Let the car extra attract, many people have added to the car Large capacity headlights, decorative color lights, LED multi-color taillights ... but when excessively equipped, the battery exceeds the operating capacity
The consequence of this condition is to make a fast battery battery, even some cases cause car burning. - Some reasons make the scooter run out of other fast batteries that can be mentioned as: Binh Batteries used for over 2 years, do not clean regular batteries, the car is flooded, start or turn off the car continuously ... how to recognize the scooter is about to perceive the battery is about to know the battery is about to run out of the battery Help users more active in solving problems. Here are some signs that users need to go to change the new vase for the scooter as soon as possible: - Car startover is not sensitive, the user must press the thread continuously. - Weak car horn, no In as if the car is still full of electricity. - Lamp Xi-Nhan and Lamps are weak. The car is all the battery must do how to overcome the most effectively? The scooter suddenly the battery makes many batteries, worry settling. However, now the user should calmly perform the following ways: using a need for a number of gas vehicles equipped with pedaling with the same function as the number of cars. Check if your car needs to pedal or not by looking at the side of the car on the left, near the foot of the foot. If the vehicle is equipped with boot pedal, you just need to use the need to boot the car. Battery with a car without pedaling, the user needs to charge the car to start the car. Fully charging time is about 1 hour or more, or fully charged in 10 hours according to the current intensity of the electricity of the battery. Battery temporarily in case of a folding car and without battery charging equipment, users It is possible to borrow a vase of another vehicle with the same current inserted into his car to explode. After exploding the machine, remove the borrowing battery and reinstall your old peace to charge while the car explodes. Attention when removing the battery must first remove the negative electrode (symbol "-") To avoid generating sparks. However, in some cases, the car's problems can originate from another cause. Therefore, it is possible to repair or replace themselves in the house, which can make the car status more serious. New batteries have time and conditions, users should bring the car to the car or agent Replace a new battery to start the car station. Maintenance of a long-term motorbike battery for motorbike batteries to work effectively and for a long term, users should note the following: - Restrict installation of the Other electrical equipment such as large capacity speakers, flashes, poor anti-theft equipment ... for vehicles. The use of unnecessary devices can cause overloaded batteries, consuming multiple power, reducing life-life. - Do not horn or start the car more than 3 seconds.- Check and clean up regular electrodes Piercing. It is possible to apply some anti-corrosion grease into batteries to protect batteries better. - For water batteries, periodically check and maintenance about 1,000km / time. Be careful not to add acid solution - if you don't drive for a long time, leave the car in a dry and cool place to ensure that the battery is not wet. Also, fully charge the battery before storing the car and recharn

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