Hanoi: Collect Hundreds Of Billions Of Taxes Of Business Individuals From Google Play, Apple Store

By July 2021, Hanoi Tax Office included 382 individuals with activities to provide application products, product products in the Google Play app area, Apple Store .... The amount of taxpayed taxes from 2018 to date is VND 203 billion, of which 7 months of 2021 is VND 39 billion

. Information from Hanoi Tax Department, on the basis of the premise of the implementation of trade management Electronics (e-commerce) since 2017, a number of principles on tax administration for e-commerce transactions and business on the number platform in the Law on Tax Management No. 38/2019 / QH14, Hanoi Tax Department Tax policy to strictly manage and effectively manage business activities in this field. By July 2021, the tax authorities have included in managing 382 individuals with activities to provide application products / Product content in the Google Play app area, Apple Store
... Individuals who have fulfilled tax declaration according to the quarter, the tax amount paid from 2018 to date is VND 203 billion, of which 7 months of 2021 is VND 39 billion. Hanoi tax agencies have reviewed the Sales form of 32,085 trading information of business establishments using delivery application.Ca duty Hanoi also conducts the review of the forms of 32,085 business information trading information Use delivery applications and data on 756 owners of rental establishments, providing accommodation services. Before, from July 1, 2020, Tax Administration Law No. 38/2019 / QH14 officially signaled force, for the first time has regulations on tax administration for e-commerce activities. At the Hanoi Tax Department, the revenue tax amount of e-commerce activities of 2020 has increased by nearly 5 times compared to 2019. Many individuals voluntarily come to declare and pay taxes with the amount of up to tens of billions of dong
This typical tax payment is a female, 28 years old, with household registration in Cau Giay district. This woman composed many software published by Google Play apps and App Store, and with a total income of 330 billion dong, paying VND 23.4 billion. An individual paying a typical tax is male, 30 years old, also has a address in Cau Giay District. This young man also composed many software used by world applications and has income of VND 260 billion, paying VND 18.1 billion dong. Director of Tax Department Cau Giay District Le Quang Hung said In 2020, the Tax Department of Cau Giay district has 65 business individuals who declare and pay taxes to VND 55 billion, in addition to hundreds of other individuals voluntarily declared, but not yet to pay taxes And still in management. "Business online develops very well. Not only has the above business cases but also quite a lot of young individuals, there are cases where students also apply technology To do business. We find that no matter whether or less, in this difficult circumstances are a major contribution to the production and business situation, "said Hung." We regularly coordinate with organizations Credit, banking, operators provided to have a database of information on business activities, individuals with income income generated. On that basis, mobilize C That evil person automatically declares and pays taxes "- Mr. Hung added. Lam Lam

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