Hanoi Deployed Camera Scanning Code Qr Code At 23 Translation Controls

23 Furniture controls at the gateway to Hanoi Capital started to scan QR Code to keep the distance, avoid contact with the risk of transmission, Covid-19.Camera scan QR codes Control the media at 23 output controls of Hanoi lane. (Source: Urban Economy) On September 14, information from Police Police Department of Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi, the Department of Administrative Management of Social Order, Ministry of Public Security in collaboration with City Police. Hanoi has implemented the installation of the QR code scanning cameras at 23 vehicle controls at the gateway to the capital

. Before that, on the evening of September 13, the City Police. Hanoi has implemented the installation of a camera system to serve the QR code scan at 23 outdoor gate controls. This system has the support of the Police Department of Administrative Administration on Social Order, the installation of Camera in scanning QR code provides advantages such as restricting officers and soldiers close to the steering Vehicles, avoid community infections
Camera system installation pegs scan QR code via webcam Improve scanning speed compared to scanning via camera's camera. Not to mention, the use of computers allows easier and friendly manipulation. The camera also has an extended wire, fixed to keep the distance, avoid contact with the risk of infection. It is known that the QR code scanning camera system is fully supported on the application platform of the police department Main management of social order at page: https://kiemdich.dancuquocgia.gov.vn should not need configuration, simple settings and very fast scanning time between 2 - 5 seconds. After scanning, The system will automatically check the information and documents of the citizen quickly, ensure distance, limited exposure, timely identify the person on the person on the road and prevent timely F0 Violation of regulations on relaxation The way.Theo Representative Police Administrative Management on Social Order said the way to organize the camera's operation in scanning QR code is very convenient such as: Layout wire connection between webcam with a computer with a degree computer Long guaranteed ways between health declares with control officers at the latch. The distance between the webcam with the medical declaration when presenting the maximum QR code 30cm
Depending on the conditions at the latch and officials at the latch may flexibly arrange accordingly; Note the webcam at the position neatly, fixed to avoid falling status affecting the use process. The external camera is used to scan QR code, people can also bring documents and papers to the camera to roll The inspection latch when required. The use of the VNEID software application with a more convenient interface for people, increasing the automatic processing speed of the moving control system, helping handle rapidly for people, avoiding congestion at the latch. , Department of Administrative Administrative Management on Social Order has coordinated with Ho Chi Minh City Police installed 100 cameras at the closphs in scanning QR codes and training for use for units.KC

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