Hanoi Install The Qr Code Scanner Camera At 23 Controls At The Gateway To The Capital

Police Department of Administrative Management on Social Order (Ministry of Public Security) in collaboration with Hanoi City Police Installation of QR code scanning cameras at 23 Means controls at the gateway to the gateway / 00 / 1: 19Tou Southern Fasteners Installing the QR code camera system through Webcam Improve scanning speed compared to scanning via camera's camera ... In addition, the use of computers allows easy operations and friendly . The cameras used to scan QR codes, and people can bring documents and papers to cameras to take care officials when requested

. The camera has a long extension, fixed to keep the distance, avoiding exposure to the risk of infection. The question of the Police Department Administrative Management on social order, how to organize the camera's operation in being Scan QR codes are very convenient such as: Layout the connection between the webcam with a computer with a length of ensuring the way between the health declares to the control officer at the latch. The distance between the webcam with the medical declaration when presenting QR: maximum 30cm
Evaltance at the latch and officials at the latch can be flexible to fit accordingly; Notice the webcam at a short position, fixed to avoid falling affects the process of use. Use the use of VNEID software application with a more convenient interface for people, speed up automatic processing of the system Move control system, help handle people quickly, avoid congestion at the latch ./. Son Lam / VOV1

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