Hanoi Limited Restaurants Dining: The Carrier Is Because Orders Skyrocketing

After Hanoi decided to pause restaurants, serve services, drink on-site (only allow for sale to bring), the work of transporters (Shipper) became more busy than ever Because of the daily daily orders. From 0h on 13/7, Hanoi pauses the operation of service businesses including restaurants, service facilities, drinking on-site and only allow sales to bring back. So people use online order utilities, go to market more online. Founding and managing chicken rice shops in Truong Cong Giai (Cau Giay, Hanoi) said, after having information to stretch ways, the Online menu today, July 13, has risen. "On average, every day consumes about 200 menu, but today, noon the restaurant sells 170 single / session", sister share

. The most peak time of the day from 11 hours - 13 hours, at this time at the store shipper and the amount of orders increased sharply. Shop must also ask the shipper to comply with the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health and perform now Enough room measures.nh Huu Cong is an online delivery person (Shipper) said the average day will usually deliver about 25-30 forms
But these days the number of online orders increases so the amount of orders also increased many times. "When the shop is not allowed to sit in place, the number of online shoppers increases so we are quite busy, afternoon Now I have 20 orders, have to enlist every minute to move and transfer goods to customers, "Mr. Cong said. In Hanoi, many business units develop e-commerce, online delivery Quickly accelerate the "Shipper" team, as well as put the APP approaches more customers, especially in the episodes. The Shipper must work out of power, since receiving the application, go to the goods and move to guests Many different addresses, there are almost no breaks at lunch breaks. Other with unit-free sitting scenes, now repeatedly repeatedly. It is the "Shipper" also said that because there are too many orders, sometimes they cannot respond all. Many Shipper shared if hard to receive a single day can earn an average of VND 500,000. According to the assessment, with a complicated epidemic situation, plus extraordinary weather, so many people have chosen solutions to order food and essential goods over the network. This is the basis for businesses to boost e-commerce into a faster life

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