Hanoi Received More Than 56 Billion Taxes From Google, Facebook, Apple, 1 Individuals Paying Up To 11 Billion

Hanoi Tax Department said that up to this point of individuals, business households and organizations collected from foreign organizations (Google, Facebook, Apple) pay 56.1 billion dong of tax, including 1 Individuals payed up to VND 11 billion. According to the Hanoi Tax Department, this unit has implemented tax collection management for e-commerce activities, especially expanding tax-collecting establishments. Specifically, before 2021 there are 3 target groups: business individuals and sales via social networks; Organizations provide product applications / products in the Google Play app area, Apple Store; Personal rentals through apps like Agoda, Booking.com, Airbnb

. In 2021 the Hanoi Tax Department added two groups of subjects: Group of individuals and organizations paying for foreign organizations; E-commerce floors.Theo, as of the end of October 2021, for individuals, business households and organizations collected from foreign organizations (Google, Facebook, Apple .
.): agencies Taxes have been included in managing 465 individuals with revenue incurred from foreign contractors and taxpayers who have fulfilled tax declaration according to quarterly. In 2021 the paid tax amount was 56.1 billion VND (of which: 403 business individuals declare and submit: VND 25 billion; 62 new business individuals supplemented, declared and submitted: VND 31.1 billion ). It is worth noting that there is an individual declared and submitted to VND 11 billion (consisting of more than 4 billion dongs of late payment). For individuals and businesses of online sales (online), the Department has deployed review and body Minh 3,388 establishments have revenue of over VND 100 million / year of tax administration. Tax authorities have put into management of 1,332 online sales taxpayers, urging 12.1 billion dong. In the coming time, the Hanoi Tax Department will continue to review the 2
056 Online Sales Facility in Hanoi, Individuals, business households, orders for rent online through the Application and Tax Department Implementing the review and verification of 49 establishments with an income of over VND 100 million / year of tax administration, revenue of VND 10 billion, expects the collection of 1 billion dong. Payment payments for electronic services of foreign contractors, the tax authorities manage the data to pay for foreign contractors of 1,447 individuals, organizations and payments: 46 , 3 billion VND, it is expected that the payable tax amount is 4.6 billion VND. Enterprise group organizes and operates e-commerce trading floors (Sendo, Lazada, Shoppe ..), operating the intermediate app Mathematics, App intermediaries, tax agencies have completed the inspection bar in some businesses with total revenue, fine, amount: VND 1.4 billion, reducing losses: 66 billion. Hanoi Department of Taxation Good time, in the next time procedures for propaganda, support and guidance for taxpayers with e-commerce activities to well implement legal policies for tax. such as electronic tax returns, electronic tax payment, electronic invoices, electronic tax refunds. At the same time, coordinating with commercial banks to diversify the form of non-cash tax collection; Coordinate with modernization, finance and finance in the transmission of state budget collection data. Strengthening tax inspection and examination for businesses and individuals with e-commerce business activities.

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