Hanoi: Regardless Of Anyone Can Register For Vaccination For Covid-19

Currently, Hanoi is ready for the largest Covid-19 vaccination campaign in history, lasting more than 9 months (from July to 2021 to April 2022). How can people register for Covid-19 vaccines? And to get vaccinated, people need to meet what conditions? Around this issue, Korean newspapers had an interview with Ms. Tran Thi Nhi Ha, Director of Hanoi Department of Health.0: 00/5: 09 NamBa Tran Thi Nhi Ha, Director of Ha Health Department of Health Noi.- Please say, the capital people want to register for vaccination vaccines Covid-19, what should I do? - Right from now on, people can register for vaccination of Covid-19 2 ways

. One is, people can register according to the paper registration form in communes, wards and towns, then officials will enter data on "electronic health book"; Two is online registration (online) on the Covid-19 immunization portal or download the "Electronic Health Book" app for Android and iOS operating systems. After authentication information on the software, people will see information about the instructions for registration of vaccination. Make anyone who can register for vaccinations, we will base on that registration form to screen tools Can each object, see who is injected
When based on the registration form, the health situation of each person, we will categorize, have people injected at normal injections, someone must be injected in the hospital.- To ensure safety, there must be successful The street did not bring the target group over 65 years old and the group of chronic diseases on the vaccination list, ma'am? - According to regulations, the Covid-19 room vaccine only injections for 18-65 years old. However, people over 65 should still register for vaccination. These cases should be noted, when registering online immunizations need to fill in specific information into columns (over 65 years) in the form. On the health situation of people over 65 will decide on them Injection or not. If people are over 65 after obtaining a clinical examination, their health is completely normal, it can indicate the inject in the hospital. Therefore, people need to fill in the information on the immunization registration form. So, please tell me how this vaccination campaign is arranged by Hanoi to not happen overload at the injection point , Ensuring the way of translation room? - To ensure a way, avoid the congestion at the injection point, the city will base on the immunization registration form of the people, thereby developing a plan for close to In fact. Before implementing vaccination, we will call each person, texting the phone to invite each person to vaccination. For example, in a morning, the injection line for about 100 people will have that each person is called
After that, people will go to injection in order to be called. To avoid overloading, ensuring safety ways, we also hope the people coordinate with the health sector, strictly abide by regulations . Specifically, people who come to injections must follow the right-hearted framework, cannot receive morning injection messages but to the afternoon of the injection. Added there, when it comes to the injection point, people need to comply with the regulations The injection point, fully implementing the "5k" regulation: Masks - Disinfection - Distance - Do not focus - Medical declaration .- Will anyone sign up for advance before, ma'am? - Not Any person who just registered was in advance. The registration of network injection is only a form that helps people not reach vaccinations. In addition, the declaration information is the fastest received, avoiding lost, duplicating information. Also, as I say above, it is the city that will base on that registration form to screen specific Each object, see who is injected. On the system will not show the previous registration will be injected. Covid-19 vaccination is a voluntary form of injection and injecting scheduling. The vaccination facility in the area based on this information will confirm the immunization schedule for the people. - She can tell, when Hanoi officially deployed the vaccination campaign and expected the number of people injected How much? - Hanoi city has built a plan to deploy the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the area with a large-scale injection target to prevent proactively under the motto "soonest , the fastest and safest ", in which the vaccination safety target is placed first. In this campaign, the number of people in the age of vaccination (temporarily calculated ages from 18 to 65) of Hanoi It is over 5.1 million people (based on the Government's Resolution No. 21 / CD-CP), and extends to other subjects. Injection objects are divided into 10 groups in order of priority to ensure accuracy and transparency in accessing vaccines. Currently, the option is ready to be 1,200 injection lines. If the supply of vaccines to ensure that the city strives to reach a maximum of 200,000 injections / day, simultaneously, mobilizing 100 mobile emergency groups to be ready to respond in the event that the reactions after injection. However , up to this point, how much injection is and open how the injection points

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