‘hanoi Rong’ Won The First Prize In The Illustration Of Creative City

Overcoming 250 young artists, author Dang Thai Tuan with 'Hanoi Winning' Won the first prize of the illustration of the illustration of 'Hanoi is ...' by the United Nations Educational, Science and Culture ( UNESCO) and the United Nations Human Settlement Program (UN-Habitat) organized with the companionship of Vietnam Local Artist Group (VLAG). The "Hanoi Rong" products of Dang Thai Tuan have won the first prize The illustration contest "Hanoi is

..." (Photo: The Organizing Committee provided) with the topic of "Hanoi is
.. '', the authors have brought unexpected ideas, new, Integrating many private stories and emotions, portraying Hanoi with unique colors. Creative city corners are represented by diverse materials, such as digital drawing (digital), silk, collage, oil painting, lacquer ... after more than a month of launch, from August 6 - 9 / 9 And undergoing the scoring process and professional discussion, the jury has agreed to choose the best works of the competition. At the announcement of the contest results by UNESCO and UN-Habitat held a day September 22, the Organizing Committee awarded the first prize in the author Dang Thai Tuan with the work of "Hanoi rong"; 4 second prizes belonging to the authors: Tran Phat with the work "Hanoi by Night", Ha Manh Hieu With the work of "clouds", Ton Nu Thi Bich Tram with the work of "bun ngan ngan" and Nguyen Huu Huyen Tran with the work "Hanoi Collage". The drawing contest illustrates "Hanoi is .
. ' 'Belonging to Hanoi Rethink project by UNESCO, UN-Habitat and the UN UNIDO and the UN Industry Development Organization (UNIDO) with the support of Sovico Group to support Hanoi City to perform strategic vision creative city in the field of design, Using cultural heritage along with the participation of Vietnamese young generation - is an essential element for innovation, creativity and changes. QL

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