Hanoi: Seized More Than 11,000 Boxes Of Moon Cake Floating

Hanoi market management forces have just coordinated with the Environmental Police Department (Hanoi Police) to detect and seize more than 11,000 moon cake boxes, without invoices and vouchers. 11,130 Mid-Autumn Festival Cakes Foreign producers unknown origin. Photo: TL 10/9, Hanoi Market Management Department (Hanoi National Office of Construction) in collaboration with the Environmental Police Department (Hanoi Police) conducted a check-in business with address at No. 1 Lane 72 Road La Phu, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi. QUESTIONS, Functional forces have discovered 11,130 moon cakes due to foreign production, with original labels in foreign languages, unknown quality, no real Just a specialized management agency documentation to qualify for food safety

. In the process of functional force inspection, the establishment owner has not yet presented the invoice, voucher, proof of origin, Origin related to the number of moon cakes on the function force has temporarily seized all of the above rows to continue verifying, clarifying and handling in accordance with the law. The Mid-Autumn Festival is adjacent , the demand for people to buy moon cakes is higher. Therefore, Hanoi's functional forces are strengthening the inspection and control of the moon cake market, in order to promptly prevent and handle violations of this item
At the same time, the authorities recommend consumers when buying moon cakes to choose the cakes of large brands, with clear origin ... /.

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