Hanoi Stretching The Social Way To September 6

Permanent Hanoi Party Committee agreed to stretch the city from the whole city to 6pm on September 6 against the complex risks of Covid-19.0: 00/1: 33 nurse in the South 20/8, Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee Noi Nguyen Van Phong said the Standing Party Committee agreed to continue to implement social isolation to 6:00 on September 6 on the whole city range to prevent and control Covid-19.Ha began implementing Directive 17. of the City People's Committee (on the principle of directive 16 of the Prime Minister) from 6pm on 24/7. After that, Hanoi renewed the measure of a 15-day extension, to 6pm on 23 / 8

. After nearly 4 weeks, the translation of the capital was positive, but the number of cases was discovered daily High, 50-60 cases / day. According to data from Hanoi CDC, from the beginning of August, large outbreaks with many new cases are concentrated in Dong Anh, Thanh Tri, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung and Hoang Mai . Notably, Thanh Tri and Dong Anh are leading the number of positive cases to be detected via refinement of coughing, secondary fever with 178 and 173 cases (1/8)
Diseases tend to spread With a shorter cycle, the evidence of 30/30 districts, towns and towns has discovered the case of NCOV infection in the 4th epidemic. Some outbreaks such as Duc Tam Pharmacy (Dong Da), Sei Company (East Britain) started creating scattered infections. Many experts identify the extension of social ways to be the best solution for Hanoi now. Spacing helps the city to find, quarantining the remaining F0 when the disease has absorbed in the community. In that wing, spacing also helps Hanoi to avoid the risk of epidemic outbreak of holidays 2 / 9. The house of 6 mobile control team Covid-19 "Strong mobilized control teams will not work Fixed cave that changes depending on the situation at the central route ", Colonel Nguyen Hong Ky, the Deputy Director of Hanoi Public Security said.

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