Hanoi Vaccines Wide Area, This Item Is Expensive … People Racing To Sell

These days, the most expensive items are fresh coconut because this is a good dramator for vaccines. Coconut prices are also higher and higher and higher ... 'Bao `

. On Hanoi street recent days appear a lot of goods selling fresh coconuts. Many people believe that coconut water is very good food to compensate water and stabilize Status of vaccinants. Thanh Binh - Housing Nguyen Trai (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) said: "My family is about to go to vaccination in the ward, my friend said to drink a coconut before injecting And 1 fruit after injection, it won't have a high fever "
According to the recognition of PV knowledge and life, Hanoi's vaccination locations appear fresh coconut stores. Especially at some Hospital gate like Institute E, Lungs and some injection points of wards, county ... Ms. Huong - a coconut seller on Le Trong Tan Street (Thanh Xuan) said, she must go queuing at markets from morning Early to buy coconut.do high demand so coconut sold, coconut quality is also guaranteed. Many goods sell coconut "taste", "1 change 1" if coconut poor quality. Some business stores also "navigate" to sell fresh coconuts in these days. There are 2 types now
Type 1 fruit price 30,000 VND, Type 2 cheaper than price from 20,000 to 25,000 VND. Very many ways to advertise strange fresh coconut appears on Hanoi street. Fire "Purple and Lemon Fresh Male

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