Happy Marriage Of Pink Actors And Wife By Age

Hong Wife posted happily with what was and affirmed that he did not give birth even though he did not have a son. - Many artists share their work, their lives and income have been significantly affected because of the pandemic Covid. What about your wife? What does your family income and life change? My family is no exception. From the work of both is narrowed back to the family activities, the family also turns upside down. But compared to difficult and less lucky circumstances outside the community, my family is still better so we always try to live optimistic, actively expect the whole country to pass pandemic

. This society instead of offsetting and spending more time for his wife and children, Hong posted a new movie. Was you feel sad? Why is it sad? The translation season has a good job. As long as your husband goes to rotate to preserve the health and fulfill the government's prevention policies, I always support and encourage
Happy family of pink actors Hong Dang-Hong Sign curly hair And watching his shaping in a very strange and funny movie. Can I share it more about this? I'm also very curious, sometimes I want to ask what the character is careful. But thinking again, to surprise when watching. Only see Brother Bao: "It's completely different from Hong Dang, sometimes coming to the spin that you must be laughing. It feels like yourself." Which time is my husband's work in unstable time, it is difficult to assign it. Every day both are rested together and take care of the bonsai, one of the common hobbies of 2 wives Husband is planting trees. Especially the time of social ways to socialize, the wife is worried about the house and her husband is responsible for studying online. What is familiar with shared, giving a voice and deciding in general. In par-raising too
Creating activities and joys for children in the days of ways to discharge ways? The time to relax too long ways made not only parents that children are depressed. Then the phone plays Continuously is inevitable. So I thought of common activities for the whole family to join like: Playing entertainment on TV, stimulating for child learning online or doing houses are bonuses for motivation. Every day the sports movers and swims to ensure daily health. So even if you stay home continuously, you are still happy and excited. The lovely daughter of Hong Sign. - Busy life many parents don't give enough time to children. How did you arrange how to compensate for children? Confucian if it's not a season during this way, my husband and I don't have much time for you. But the views of both are: do not have to spend how much time even though there are less quality and meaning. - Baby candy and porcupine seem to have many different characteristics. Baby candy and funny and hedgehogs are less talked? Yes, but the two of you have a common point is very affectionate. Every time I go to my parents are taken care of every bit of your friends. Feeling happy and satisfied with extremely. Copper and two daughters. - Baby candy beyond the ability to especially bend the flower-shaped blade, what is your ability to outstanding? Children every other age each other. I have just discovered that I have a very happy potential. She stays at the house that busts with a laughter. - If two babies have the struggle of art, have you support and share with your interests? My husband and I never impose children according to a standard Certain ink. Important in children and parents will properly orient according to their experience. I think sharing openly will help you more confident in every choice as well as in life. - Are you all big, do you plan to give birth to a baby to have enough family enough? My family agreed only at 2 porcupines - candy. Currently, they are very happy and feel satisfied with what they are. It is enough! - How do you conceive how about the happiness of a woman? I think, to build a balance between the public Individuals and taking care of the family's home are not simple. But if tolerance, no too much, no less. It is the happiness of the woman. Just like me, do business passion, still taken care of your family. The obvious feeling does not exceed the ability. So I feel extremely happy! Hong posted in 'sunflower sunflower'Huong Ho

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