Happy When Peeling Up The Warm Wedding Envelope, But When I Opened Me, My Husband Was Angry With Divorce

Holding the thick envelope on her hand, I'm proud to her husband: 'I watch, I eat well there. My friend is happy to "Sop 'like this ...'

. 0: 00/3: 55 nouthern namsau wedding, the most eager story of a pair of Tan Lang - Tan Nuong is probably the county count. My spouse is no exception! I and the diaphragm also seemed to see who a lot of money was more happy and discussed the same amount of money. After the dinner with the family, Hoanh and I no one told everyone to actively clean the tray, the remaining things later Wedding
.. a fastest way. Then we quickly returned to my own room. The moment the wife and wife and the bed finally arrived. I am very excited, but not to do "the other" but hug the money to count! First is to check my husband's envelope. Husband friends are happy and went east enough. His proudly told me: "I see, you play less but everyone is" quality ". To see if your wife is like that". I warn my face to challenge my husband: "Is my friend too
Now I counted my money to my eyes." We laughed up together ... inventory, I suddenly discovered a thick envelope. However, the envelope did not name anyone. I told my husband: "Don't know who your friend is so happy? But it is too careless, but I don't know anything, after anyone who knows. You are noticed. I reviewed someone who was right away. "It's a thick envelope on my hand, I laugh:" I guess this is so thick. Thick this must be a few million. Other. Own this place has more than his friends. This time he loses me is a firm ". But her husband pouted, and knocked on my forehead a pain. He said: "Missed where do you celebrate the whole money? 30 is not yet having to Tet. I don't know soon!". I glared at her husband 1, then hurriedly open the envelope. I am also curious in it very much. But no, in it there is no companion, the opposite thing in it made my face fluctuate! (Artwork) The thick envelope contains 1 image. Looking at it, I suddenly bewildered. In the photo is a man and a woman is wringing. Images are recorded from a sneak camera. And the two main characters in the picture are me and the ex-lover. However, towards that man, he skillfully covered her face. Not only send my love photo to him, the bad old lover's name also sent the pictures I eat in the shop Bar when I was old ... the diaphragm stood up, throwing that image on my face and screamed: "What is this, I explain me ...". The old lover's name is crafty. A few days ago, he met me and asked for 1 night. Thinking about the 5-year love story with him, I was heartily. But I didn't expect that the way he revenge me, so I don't now justify myself in front of her husband. He smashed his belongings, jerking the wedding curtain and decorations in the room. My husband kept screaming and questioned me. On the contrary, I just bowed my face to receive my fault. It's too upset, he rushed to slap me a fire, causing my mind that was disrupting even stunned.Hai was so loud that her parents and everyone in the house heard. Everyone pulls each other to see something. I hugged the diaphragm continuously to say apology but he only responded to the 3 words: "Divorce". The mother-in-law knows that it is frustrated, everyone clams, start talking about me. The mother-in-law was on the ground, said: "Olegerly, I will get married to be a gentle person. Who suggested to pick up the village girl. Right from the beginning I said it was not gentle, meek like everyone Then. Nobody heard me, now apply the rice husk ash on my face. . The wedding night I was kicked out of the house, wandering outside the street, alone took a car to her mother. My parents know what is angry. Everyone scolded me with mixed, easy. Really now I love every diaphone. The other old lover's name is my old love. But he didn't expect him to stab a pain like that. Now regret but I don't do anything anymore ... Laws and Readers

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