Happy Women In Saigon 1 And Meaningful Activities Between Covid-19 Translation Center

Happy Women's leadership of Saigon 1 Region has corrupted subtle in accordance with the actual circumstances to ensure regional members still participate in meaningful activities. 9: 00/3: 47 South " Business connection "is one of the annual activities of the Association. Every month, the association will invite experts in the field of speech business to help members of the organization to improve their knowledge and know the business ideas suitable for their businesses. Last July, this annual activity was held successfully by vice president of Region 1 Tran Le Thuy. Before that, Ms

. Thuy has sorted many times, operating the program and ensuring the quality of the program. Saigon Regional members 1.The "Business connection", a lot of good results came to the Members in the organization
Therefore, one of the leaders of the region, she doesn't want to have a disease that means the meaning must pause. The more and more in the moment it rises to reach her for the organization, the new business lessons need to be implemented to help members overcome the challenges in the current epidemic situation. Because of this, "in the danger will have a muscle," she transformed activities into online forms, while ensuring the rules of epidemic prevention and control, both to ensure the interests of members. That, the issue of protecting and improving health is concerned by all members of the organization during the disease. Grasping the practical situation, the leaders of Saigon 1 region have created "beautiful club every day, flying Covid". In the time frame of 6:30-7:30 every morning, about 30-50 members of the total of 100 members of the club will practice aerobic through the zoom platform. The members of Saigon 1 Region participate in activities "sentences Healthy club every day, flying Covid "through zoom" a beautiful club every day, flying Covid "is the initiative of Chapter Chapter Kindly Fun Nguyen, with the meaning of binding members of the region as well as Chapter and Global members, just helped the sisters in the Society to improve their health, relieve their spirit, while insisting on emotional emotions between the members of the circumstances do not meet each other as before. "Golden test fire, trial ". Increasingly in difficult times, the qualities and capacity of leaders and members in the organization shows clearly. In July last year, Saigon 1 region had glorified activities and awarded certificates of merit to individuals with outstanding achievements between Covid-19 epidemic mind
Happy Women Saigon Region 1 decided to award a certificate of merit Ms. Nguyen My Tam - Chairman of Saigon 1 region with awards "Excellent leaders in July" because of great dedications of her in operating Saigon Region 1 In the time of epidemic. Chairman of Saigon 1 Nguyen My Tam, the Saigon 1 area also awarded the award "inspirational leadership" to Ms. Tran Le Thuy - Vice President of Saigon 1 region for those Contribute in business - trade. The award "Excellent Leadership and Competence" is awarded to 2 individuals: Chapter Chapter Kindly Fun Nguyen and Chapter Chapter Glory Kieu Lan Vien for volunteer activities. The chairman of Saigon 1 area Tran Le Thuy. The awards receive consensus and agreement high from the Happy Women Leader Network Executive Board as well as regional members. Individuals who receive prizes are also very excited and express their pride when they trust them. The leaders received a pledge to try to try harder for the interests of the members and let the Association grow stronger, healthy. Ho Chi Minh is facing difficulties and challenges greatly from the heavy influence of Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have fallen into unemployment, poverty, even death from infection with Covid-19. Callering with this situation, Happy Women Saigon 1 region joined hands to support 40 million dong and awarded 50 gifts to 50 poor households in the city called Uncle Ho. Gon 1. The contribution of the Association is less but extremely tremendous with poor households in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. This activity not only removes physical values, but also awarded all the hearts of loving copper, "healing leaves" of Saigon sisters. It was a core activity of Happy Women Network. But in this difficult time, the hands of the sisters in highlighting the fine qualities of the association, contributing to appease the pain of the city. Ho Chi Minh, while beautifying Vietnamese woman images.

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