Hardly Practice These Movements For 2 Weeks Of Calves, But The Ankles Are Still Running Out

Want a slender calf and reduce the swelling of your neck anymore without exercising the movements below? First Practicing strengthening strength, squatting down, putting hips with heels, hand touch the wall. Then use the foot nose and move the body back and forth. This movement can affect the toes, causing motion calves. Implementing this movement 15-20 times. Touch the heels together and open your toes

. Then use the footstone to push through the push, hold 3 seconds and then lower, keep the heels, perform 20 times. The leg muscles mainly include external foot muscles and deeper leg muscles. Once the leg muscles are stronger, it will form more clear foot muscles
This action can affect the deep leg muscles, relax the outer muscles and help slender calves. Stretching your leg muscles with a dog's posture that shows the posture of dogs with her face to prevent two hands on the floor and tall the hips. Then shrink the knee and let a feet come back, keep the feet left straight and touch the ground with the heel. Notice keeping two heels close to the earth. This movement will stretch the foot muscles. Make rotation on the left and right 30 times.4. Posture sitting and expanding the first corner, placing two hands across, sitting on the ground, stretching straight. Lift a feet lightly and hook the toes to the front as possible. Then straighten the person forward to feel the tension of the leg muscles
This movement also treat edema very effectively. No need to perform quickly just correctly, constant speed and repeat 15 times. You should take the time to practice these exercises regularly every day for 2 weeks to achieve the desired effect. Remember to start the muscles before practicing and after exercise, please relax for a while, relax the muscles to prevent pain or cramps. Learn Huyen - Follow Beauty321

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