Hari Won Teaches Korean How ‘the Student’ Town Is So Stressful To Fight!

Learning to the third time, but 'students' Tran Thanh still have not remembered the alphabet that made the 'teacher' Hari Won 'to lose'. During the break, Vietnamese artists regularly post interesting activities At his home on a personal page like cooking, taking care of children ... In particular, Tran Thanh and Hari Won have a job that makes fans enjoy watching here, on personal Facebook page, Hari Won published Korean teaching stories to Mr

. Tran Thanh commune. The voice "he kept going" reluctantly becoming "teacher" but taught to the third time "the student" Tran Thanh still hasn't remembered the Korean alphabet. Battle! According to Hari Won shared, 1 year ago Tran Thanh began to learn Korean but not nothing and didn't want to learn
Correct 1 week ago, this "student" began to learn 2nd time but "still don't remember the post because he went on". So far is the 3rd session, "the teacher" must arrest the new school. "Looking forward to that after today remembering the Korean letter to study next," Hari Won expects. With the attachment of "teacher", Tran Thanh Wen is extremely serious. The stressful face of this "student" makes the network community unable to laugh. Lown the post of Hari Won, the fans sent a comment to Tran Thanh, wishing him soon into "good games". Some comments also give praise for "teacher" Hari Won: "Korean letters are easier Vietnamese. I wish you a good job ";" Learn to argue with my cheeks? ";" At a healthy house here. Free, read books and learn something that is a fun to kill the most positive time ";" Look at his face, he doesn't remember ";" There is a great teacher without worrying about good care for Korean The teacher spanked okay ". In the episodian house, Mr
Tran Thanh commune was cooking with a cruel wife in 2016, Tran Thanh and Hari Won about a house. Since then, the couple develops the career together. Tran Thanh and the commune revenue are not ready to have children, take care of a child. This time, the couple regularly posted on social networks for self-cooking activities, exercise at home. Tran Thanh couple also actively participate in charitable activities, helping people around. LICENSE: FBNV

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