Hari Won Than Rent In Korea, Netizen Criticized For ‘not Buying A House For Parents’

Recently, on the personal page, Hari Won expressed his feelings when the rental price in Korea increased. Sharing of Mrs. Tran Thanh commune quickly received a lot of interest from netizens, especially many comments to blame the female singers who have not been worried about their families., Hari Won said her family at South Korea still has to stay at rent instead of buying a private house: "Today reads the newspaper, see the house money increases, the rental house increases. Reading and I was tired, "Hari Won's Rent of Hari Won in Korea's rates rose to many Netizen to argue

.Share Ms. Tran Thanh commune quickly became the topic that caused many Netizens to argue. Hari Won's commentary and expressed sympathy when he said: "What is the Korean party", "sad, sad, the epidemic has been difficult to increase"
.. however , besides, there are many ordinary comments from Netizen when rushing to blame the sound of the night flying far away from his family, while she herself in Vietnam lives in an expensive house and belongs Top Vietnamese stars "Expensive Show" second most Vbiz. Netizen's comment when said: "Changjiang said Hari Won's husband and wife rich, buying a house in the United States. Why not buy a parents? ", Mrs. Tran Thanh commune was frankly replied:" Mr. Jiang said that everyone kept trusting, where is the US house? Yes, take me to see! "Hari Won correct the information with the US house. Apartment in the cheapest Korean city is nearly 20 billion dong. Oh what kind of money .
. The deposit of thinking about is also frightened ". Hari Won is currently in Korea to treat the disease. Before, in a documentary produced by KBS, Hari Won has shared Her father must often run dialysis in Korea. It is also the reason why her family rarely has a full sum of sums, the most common photos of Hari Won's mother or sister. Hari Won and Tran Thanh in Vietnam The person rubbed for luxury. Hoang Minh

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