Hari Won’s Shocking Carpentry: Skin Stretching With Skincare ‘simple’ But Full Quality

I don't know what kind of time Hari Won in here to spread the skin, even when catching the right moment of Moc.02: 00/3: 03 nam nuoc trbiz beauties own "extreme product" skin, no Can not mention Hari Won. Last time, despite artistic activities or holidays, Tran Thanh commune still showed the "promotion" of beauty for many moments, images were posted on social networks. You come to play the house without warning that Hari Won is a little unexpected and shyly because he accidentally reveals his face. However, this became the focus of attracting the network community when only appeared with a carpentry face but Hari Won's skin was extremely stretched and sparkless

. As Mrs. Tran Thanh thought, watching all the clip shared, Netizen couldn't help but laugh because of "the soul". Arriving at home at Hari Won is still in skin care so the friend is available to academize the skin care secret of Korean beauty
According to Hari Won, to get a beautiful skin like the present, she had to take care of and protected very carefully every day. Especially never let dry skin because if dry skin will definitely be aging soon. With Hari Won, her skin care process is extremely "simple" through the basic steps but the bottom line is the product must be quality, and the product set comes from the Pure brand is the cannot be separated. Leaving her. She emphasized, people who have aged usias are very dry, which shows that the skin is aging and is very easy to see sagging problems, wrinkles. So the moisturizing immediately for the skin is the most important thing.Hari Won said, after completing the basic cleaning steps, Ampoule Pure (super-essence pure) is the necessary level of moisture. This is the first product of Pure which is studied in a very long time to help many skin care sisters effectively, especially on 30s. She also emphasized that this is the product "Best Seller" Brand Pure.To create a layer of skin protection, alkaline oil and moisturizing morning, Hari Won combined using Pure Day Cream with Loc Nhung extract and natural herbal ingredients
Indicating the daytime skin care and the basic night is also very different. At night it was the time to sleep so that the skin recovered, but wanted to recover twice as well as doubling at night moisturizing to both brightened and supported the skin. With Hari Won, Pure Night Cream Extracted carpentry is the "assistant" like that. And the ending of this unexpected "breakthrough" is Hari Won with a friend "slack" lost the Ampoule Pure box. Just thought "you go to play house" but turned out to "foul". The story caused her town to be "bad crying". According to Learn, the full set of Pure products are Korean origin products, as Hari Won as a brand manager, is now one of the secrets Many young people love, even the famous Vbiz beauties also have a convinced skin care effect. Full set Pure Includes: Pure Stem Cell Cleansing Gel (stem cell wash gel); Pure Deep Peeling Gel (papaya skin replacement gel); Shining Facial Moisture Mist (or fresh mineral spray pure); Super - Shine Miracle Essence Toner (or Pure Essence Sunblock (Sunscreen); Luxury Pure Mask Mask; Super Essential Obeous Ampoule Pure; Pure Day Cream Duoc (Loc Velvet Extract) Combine Pure Night Cream (carpentry extract) ... full set of pure products that Hari Won brand manager daily in the process of Skincare. Hari Won's skin care process, it seems "simple" but reality It was not simple at all, because it wasn't everyone enough time and patience to do it. However, you need to understand that you want to look forward to trying and simplifying the "Skincare" process Your use of many products that lie in the selection of products. Just choose the right quality product and apply it in a science order, everything will be simpler than you think.

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