Harmful Makeup Habits For Skin

Makeup gives you radiant appearance, but the improper makeup can be harmful to the skin and even more serious than your imagination.0: 00/2: 42 South domains Gradually become an indispensable habit of modern women. However, some make-up products contain a lot of chemicals that may not match your skin and cause skin trouble in many ways. Mass can make pores with pores will be clogged if You makeup for a long time without bleaching before sleeping. It is important to clean the skin, because makeup and dirt can cause skin irritation, leading to acne and dull skin

. Using cleanser suitable for skin type to remove makeup layers. Can lead to early aging Marketing can lead to early aging, causing skin to appear more wrinkles. Makeup can also make your skin dry or greasy than usual
Therefore, a skin care regime properly is very important before making makeup and after removing the page at night to prevent premature aging. Sunscreen users can lead to human problems Having a fear of using sunscreen before makeup due to fear of sticky skin. However, this is a habit of harming the skin. Because the sun will lead to uneven turmoil and skin color. Moreover, only using SPF makeup products is not enough and may not bring you protection as desired from UVA and UVB rays. So you can hit a slight layer of slight background outside the sunscreen layer daily. Do not clean the beauty tools can cause allergy cleaning cleaners / makeup tools to avoid allergy Or irritate the skin. Makeup products are stuck in brush feathers, can transmit bacteria, oil and dirt on the skin every time you use. Mavas in accordance with the type of datheo hint of the expert, here are some tips to save Italian when makeup suitable for different skin types: For Oil Skin: - Prepare suitable products for oil skin - Use water cleanser or gel to clean light - Don't forget to remove cells Die for the skin once or twice a week - use toner after washing your face to shrink pores and prepare for the skin to moisturize. Should use lightweight gel or water-based moisturizer - choose a background cream suitable for oily skin
Choose liquid or blurted powder on your background layer to smooth - Choose a blind blind cheek instead of ice cream-shaped cheeks - Using non-oil painting to avoid causing acne for Dada often to dry skin - use Good products for hydration process - cleaning and moisturizing the skin before makeup-squock on face can be a great tip to improve blood circulation and make skin radiant-use Use the foundation cream suitable for normal skin to dry skin. This can increase the radiance for the skin - covering a light chalk to create an eye-cream layer, which is required to be below the concealer layer to avoid creating wrinkles under the eye - can apply Pink ice cream cheeks to remove skin dryness./.cti pediatric / vov.vn (translation) according to theHealthsite

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