Has Mobilized Vnd 8,627 Billion In The Vaccine Fund, Covid-19

The Vaccine Fund Management Board, Covid-19, said, as of 17:00 on August 19, 2021: Total mobilization of VND 8,627 billion, the Fund has exported a vaccine of VND 197 billion; fund balances VND 8,430 billion; The total number of organizations and individuals contributing to 520,345.0p2: 00/1: 43 names of the illustration (Photo: MP) According to the Fund Management Board, it is expected in the third quarter / 2021, the Fund will export VND 450 billion to Buy Vaccine. Current 13 units are committed to sponsoring but have not transferred money or have only been transferred in part with the amount of nearly VND 36 billion. The Fund Management Board is continuing to urge donors to early transfer money into the Fund. According to the principle of bidding competing interest rates

. The entire proceeds to enter the Fund to support and finance the activities of buying and importing domestic research, production and implementation of the Covid-19 room vaccine according to the regulations. Vaccine prevention and anti-Covid-19 is conducted closely, publicly, transparent step by step, including: Notice of the Fund's deposit needs to commercial banks; receive, open deposits of commercial banks; Determining interest rates, deposited volumes according to the principle of competition on interest rates and signing a deposit contract with commercial banks. The State Treasury representative affirmed, all grants and support, Voluntary contributions of organizations and individuals for the Fund; Deposits of the Fund at the State Treasury and Commercial Bank (including no term and term) are the fund's revenue and used to support and finance the purchase and imports of vaccines , Research, production of domestic vaccines and use Covid-19 room vaccines as prescribed
/. MP

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