Hate The Bell, The Head Of The Pet Dog Sucked Into Anyone Who Comes Close

Last time, netizens used to hand their hands with a very humorous tiles and dogs. Big. However, few people knew behind the image of hilarious fun is a story that can cause "soul". It is known that the dog in the image is owned by a Asian man, currently living in South Africa and the tiles are also derived from the employer's request. This dog is trained in the skill of dropping bricks, Attack anyone who plans to press his doorbell

. However when this news came to the government, they thought that the man was acting abusing the dog. A brick is available to prevent someone who came to the bell suddenly. Looking through the past, causing a lot of people to shudder when the brick looks very heavy, dangerous and has a slightly oversized part with a dog's animation
And even, it can almost fall anytime even though even in the absence of no one shattering the man. This strange. However, the dog's owner was arrested by the police immediately after receiving the report from friendly neighbors. Very many people when reading the story all wanted to understand why the man was evil That's the bell. Meanwhile, some happy network communities think that the police should hire this guy to train police dogs to more efficient criminals. (General)

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