Hatred Is Born From Greedy, Suffering From Desire

The hatred birth from the fascination, suffering from Buddha's desire to say: "Hateful of birth from the fascination, suffering from desire. The origin of life suffering is in expectations too High for those around them. If lowering expectations, life will encourage ". The maturity of humans often begins with lowering expectations in the adult world, not all meetings Are all joy, not all expectations are unexpected. The Master has nothing to do with the appearance, which is the process of gradually decreasing other people's expectations

. What adults have nothing to do with age, it is The state of the mind understands everything and to go away. A old man comes to the Buddha and asks: "It is said that all sentient beings are equal. Why are many happy people and I'm so unhappy? "
The old man said that when he was young, the crowded house, he was never special attention." Why parents of others are as good as So, but your parents? " - Mr. Luxury said to Buddha. After he married, the wife never said sweet words to him. Both couple do not earn a lot of money. This old age, mature children, but they are still just normal workers, all on life. "Why do other people of others are likely like So, your children are so weak? " - The old man cried. Looking for the old man who was crying, the Biji Buddha said: "Hateful of birth from the greedy, suffering from desire. The origin of the suffering of the life of the life is in the period Looking too high for people around. If lowering expectations, life will meet favorably "
On this life, no one can do everything right, unlikely anyone can treat you the way you want. Illustration. "If you have a desire, there is suffering, if there is no desire, there is a power". We often see in the stories that seem ideally everything can be as you want. But in real life, no one can live this life in a happy pattern. The world is always full of regrets. You cannot change the world, the only thing you can do is lower your expectations. If there is no overheardness, there is no extreme sadness. Whether it's a person or the higher your disappointment, the more disappointing you will be disappointed. A famous blogger shared the story, Blogger and his friends are together shopping in the supermarket. There are a lot of lucky boxes, especially a new mobile phone.Blogger doesn't care about this, he feels the opportunity to win a special prize from the lucky boxes too Small, almost impossible. With a casual attitude, he chooses a box and suddenly gets a umbrella, then outdoors are raining, this blogger thinks that this award is a surprise thing. His friend is the opposite, he is full of hope to have a new mobile phone and finally he receives an umbrella, which makes him disappointed .Blogger sighs: " You really can't expect too much to this life. How much does it expect as much as much as ". The illustration. Look too much is that the weapon hurt yourself a half-awarter burning type half-love. Adult adults will gradually understand that only by reducing their expectations to others, results and everything outside, they will not dreamy, persevering and forcing themselves, only in this way They can live comfortably every day. A author once said: "Excessive expectation can make people arise many unnecessary sensitivity". You cannot control other people's words and actions Nor can people put you on top. You can only manage yourself, honestly with others and let everything happen naturally. The heart does not have a free heart. There are some things that others can't worry about you, can not respond to you. Placing hope to others and expectation too much is a dangerous thing. When you have trouble, you can solve yourself, the future you want to just create yourself. Body to not be afraid of helpless in this society. Those who rely on themselves can continue to grow and face life in a calm way.

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