Hau Declared The ‘separation’ With Her Husband, Lam Khanh Chi Expressed A Happy ‘keeping Fire’

Action of Lam Khanh Chi makes many people unexpectedly.0: 00/1: 25 south husband Lam Khanh Chi - Phi Hung always receives great attention from the opinion side, by sweetness and happiness. And recently, on the personal page, this 8x voice has posted the article expressing the views in "keeping fire" happiness. Detective, Lam Khanh Chi writes: "Important marriage life is equal. Cooking home work, LO WORKING FOR WISH or husband is an opportunity to care for love

. Live how to make a stack. Do not because of the responsibility to do with love! ". The post of Lam Khanh Chi quickly received great attention from the netizens
Under the comment section, many audiences spent compliments with the "fire" perspective of happiness between her and her husband. At the same time, others also sent happy wishes to Lam Khanh Chi - Phi Hung. This is not a long time, Lam Khanh Chi has to constantly share about anger of Mr. Phi Hung commune just because he is too "addicted" game . Specifically, on August 28, Lam Khanh Chi suddenly posted the status line of hidden means saying someone "addicted" the game, step out of her life. Noon on August 29, Lam Khanh Chi unexpectedly Declaring separation on the first day with the commune on the personal page. She published the image of "the other half" lying on the floor. "Sleeping with the phone would be more fun to sleep with his wife Ha. To see a few days? Isolation on the first day, stop all the spouses , just consider it a separation of women. " This makes the audience pay special attention

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