Having Heard The News Of The Future Wife Bankrupt, The Son-in-law Immediately Canceled, The Unexpected Situation Happened The Next Day He Repented In Time

If there is no problem before the wedding day, perhaps the son-in-law is obtained everything.0: 00/3: 20 male stories quickly attracting your interest and sharing reading because of the attitude The face of the boy. The release of the bar met a friend's weddings at a friend's wedding, after his friends introduced her family, strictly started planning to pursue. Seriously said that he loved Z launched The bar right from the first sight, not for any other conditions.Cha launches the business bar elsewhere, the large-scale business scale also launches the bar and mother in the countryside, she is a nurse, mother for Cham Squirrel she often ran through the two places

. When the knockout took a serious house, her father also arranged to meet. After seeing the future son, Father Phong Thanh was quite satisfied, strict Phong is very good when sweet to call aunt, also enthusiastically helps the family do many things, quickly won the sympathy of the future wife's parents. One after officially dating, vice Ng Thanh and strictly prepare to be married
Father Health is not good, all year round Nursing at home, his mother works in a small factory, income only has enough activities to have a family situation It is difficult to make sure that the parents say that it is not a problem, just a good serious person is. Waiting for the two married, Father Radio will gradually hand over his business to strictly. The illustration. She has no son, only the rickage is the only daughter but she does in the field Another area, the in-house business must also have a successor. So the house of the wedding and the car is purchased by the family, the girl's family also does not require a cessage, only two happy people Together is it. The trouble before the day of the day before the planned wedding, the raid suddenly received a notice that her father's business was bankrupt, even if he was at risk of sitting Prison and being investigated. All the wedding invitation cards were sent, so her father asked for a daughter's contact with the daughter, told the wedding to take place as usual and no need to worry Give him. The mother of her child knows this, hugging each other to cry, do not know what to do. This mother's mother naturally thinks of serious, hopefully he will go find relationships to see what happened . The unexpected thing is that it is seriously suddenly suddenly offered to break up and want to cancel the wedding immediately
This is like rubbing salt into the wound with the wound with the row, she doesn't expect that when it is difficult to come and strictly - He always said her mouth to love her, will protect and protect her, want to leave her at this moment. The illustrator. The second day after the incident, the mother's health was stable and she Also quickly calm so immediately to find her father. When she found his father, his troubled miraculously resolved, turned out to be an opponent in the business sector who trapped him, Currently, the enterprise is starting to operate normally and has not been bankrupt. Then the bar has called the mother to report fun, she is still worried about her health so just stay with her father One night and then returned home. After the launch of the bar, it was strictly reported, saying that he had thought back and didn't want to cancel the wedding, in his lap, he was still very loved in Hanh, he can't give up her. The bar heard these words really saw very ridiculous, what happened in these three days was like a dream and serious like a chameleon in the dream This is determined to decline strictly, she clearly see how people are people. Quitice thanked her father who had encountered this incident, otherwise she would be mild to marry a person who didn't love me.Theo Khanh An / Law

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