Hcl Technologies And Hancom Strategic Cooperation

HCl Technologies (HCl), Global and Hancom Technology Company, one of the pioneering software companies in Korea to sign a strategic cooperation to share advanced software technology solutions and set up a head Circle for the expansion of international markets.HCL Technologies and Hancom cooperates to share such industrial solutions, HCL will support the training process for software development at Hancom's research and development center , was founded in 2016, in India. HCl also shares the Studio to develop and support human resources to meet the needs and capacity of development at this center. In addition, the company will promote technology cooperation to enhance the global competitiveness for Hancom.hai products also plans to cooperate to expand the global market, including penetration Hancom into Asian countries and territories such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, the Middle Eastern countries; business expansion to South Quoc

.HCL HCL Technologies is currently empower global enterprises in technology in the next decade. Through the innovation of advanced laboratories, global distribution capabilities and vast networks around the world, HCL provides comprehensive services for different vertical industries and works with the same Top partner. The company currently has more than 175,000 employees in 50 countries and territories with annual revenue of 10
5 billion USD. Sanjay Gupta, Vice President HCL Technologies said: "Korea is an important strategic market of HCl, and cooperating with Hancom will help us go further as well as affirming its position in the area. Mr. Daeki Kim, Hancom CEO shares: "We are very happy when HCl choose Hancom is a strategic partner for the Korean market. HCL's modern infrastructure construction and application principles will allow us to expand the product size more suitable for business customers in the global market and thereby affirming the position of Hancom on international market ".KIM LIQUIDATION

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