He Brought ‘iron Scraps’ Home To His Wife Rebobled: 26 Years Later The Expert Went To Take Care Of The Book!

Upon bringing home, his wife saw these rusty and blue things that were scolded for 'naked and craft', carrying iron in the house.0: 00/2: 33 South Vietnam in the spring of 1971, one The heavy rain in Bao Song, Shaanxi, caused the water level here to rise. Only after a short time, Phu Sa filled the entire river, the localities had to mobilize the entire people to dredge the river, Mr. Liu is also one of them. In the dredging of the river, the shovel Liu has touched a hard object

. After washing, he realized he had dug a copper pot. Soon after, he continued to dig forward and peached three pots with the same style. It was excavated (Source: Baike
baidu) These pots seem to be buried in land from very For a long time, Mr. Liu though that there is no knowledge of history or archaeological but the spirit of telling him, this is the antiquity. Someone who knows I have dug the treasure so Mr. Liu quickly buried 4 "pots Copper "down a deeper mud layer and pretends to have nothing to happen. Dark, after everyone on almost all of him secretly dig four objects and brought home. His wife saw these rusty and blue things that were scolded for "cash and craft", carrying iron and iron. However, he still said that this was not normal, so he decided to hide them in the corner of the house, so his wife could not see. Such this was falling into oblivion, until 1999, Liu's whole son while breaking the house to rebuild it happened to discover 4 ancient forgotten antiques 26 years ago. Liu's son feels the vase in his family can be di Valuable cultural objects should actively bring to the local museum to assess, but those here are not sure what this is. But only on the next day, the information about the spread vessels and the top assessment experts went knocking on the door of Mr
Liu. The characters on the antiques (source: Sohu) experts have discovered inside the Copper pot is engraved a total of 129 characters, is the first-class national treasure. This is a cookware and food containers since the dormitory and the Chu house, and its name is "the most obedient". When the expert referred to the reinforcement of the vase of research, Mr. Liu's son Coming decisions, the expert team had to explain to him on policies for cultural relics: All cultural relics were excavated from the ground were owned by the country, if tried Hiding or selling when discovered must be responsible before the law. After a hesitation, Mr. Liu's family also decided to deliver three cultural relics with a reward of 100,000 yuan. On these cops, there are characters, record the history of King King's history to kill the bonus of the gods, this precious material has offset the historical space during this period .Theo Kim Dung / Fatherland newspaper

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