He Sells Vegetables To Refuse To Receive Money Support: ‘help The Person Around You’

On the personal page, Mr. Minh Beard has shared information that he will not receive charity. Because the things he did during the past time was because of his heart, not a fame. Thereby, he also called on everyone to help people around him.0: 00/1: 37 namanh minh minh minh minh (sisosing Bien Hoa, Dong Nai) became the guy selling vegetables "floating" most commune networks Assembly during the past time

. From the boards for free vegetables, do not increase your price of vegetables ..
, many people have felt the heart, the proud of this guy selling vegetables. When Mr. Minh's story is many people Known, some sponsorships have contacted to transfer more money. However, recently, he shared that he rejected this support. "Everyone, don't have anyone into the message to call your bank account to support me anymore. I would like to support me. Permissions do not receive. Because I do it because I like it and I do it within my ability. I don't think I'm a charity person. For many years, I only do small things around around I can do it, so I don't get support, "said Mr
Minh, I never thought I would be famous or call for money to donate. Humor shared: "When I play a lot of rice, I lack it, please ask some acquaintances. Or when I built villas or buy a supercar that lacks a few hundred" garlic ", please, now I'm fine now. " Besides, Mr. Minh also shared that those who wanted to support the money for him, help people difficult to surround themselves. For him, they are more supported people. The sharing of Mr. Minh has made many people feel interested, admiring his charm and his enthusiasm. Before that, Mr. Minh Beard used to Share with SASTAR: "A lot of people asked if I trafficked were quite pretty but giving vegetables so much. I just laughed, there were few days, but the whole month still saved, package to bring vegetables for free Come to the relatives. Many passengers come to see that the large vegetable parts are bundled, they are automatically taken because it is free of charge. My wife is pleased because she finds me to reduce the money on drinking, gather To work well, help many people ".

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