He Warms The Rich And The Ending Of ‘dead Life’ For The Pleasure ‘hunting A Night’

I am interested in being 'hunting' beautiful young girls, but only a single night one night is me a flat 'feeding cake' and cutting. I hid thoroughly, I had a happy pleasure, but I didn't understand why my sister knew in: 00/2: 33nam in the area Illustration: My mother was inherited by my grandparents to leave Because parents are children. Previously my parents had a very big watch shop on the street so from the small two sisters I was living in full scene, happy. I am the youngest child, but they should be spoiled like Thin eggs, I want to be anything and the whole family never refuses to love my book. Knowing his important position, knew the family had a economy, I ran with us rich, playing more than eager to study for 2 years, but I couldn't set my feet to the University gate

. My sister after married, my parents opened for a shop selling pants, a shirt right at the spacious house of Dad Dad, she gave it to her. And I, my father followed my father's career with the coaxing store as my watch shop would be mine if I worked hard to do it, I was familiar with my friends, I didn't want to bind my friends Work all day sitting a place where each visitors come to buy in boring. But think I've walked over the age of 23 and still all day of playing, then taking a hand, please ask my parents to see it
So I told my father, I gave me some capital and some friends opened a night café on the street with crowded tourists. Seamless serving staff are carefully selected for the whole South Thanh, Female Tu, then the countermaster counter is also a well-trained person so the day the restaurant opened the desk to the table, making us very excited. Although the income at the Café was excessive for me to meet the root of consumption, but because she was a boy, her father, she was raughtered with money, so every month, even every week I didn't ask my parents steadily My account with the righteousness to eat, drink fully to ensure health ... money is always full of bags, eating without all, pepperless, I started using money to play in accordance with conditional rich. Not a bar, not a famous dance hall is absent on me, but I'm not addicted to alcohol, not sticking to the drug, although around me friends know still day, night drooping, enticing. Ham is "hunting" beautiful young girls, but only one night "happily" I am a flat "eat paid cake" and cut. I hid the stories that I have a pleasant pleasure, but I don't understand why my sister knows. Thoughtfully recommends that I should stop, because that kind of relationship has many risks, the most disadvantage is my health, while I still have a responsibility for the line with the serial generation
.. but it's passionate It is difficult to remove ,, if I am rich, I'm handsome, not a "prey" I just joked without sticking, not even needing "hunting" "prey" also took legs into a trap The way is very sweet. The advice of the sister's advice, the warning of the sister is not excess, because it is very, many times a night with a strange girl, although I have aware of the guards carefully, but maybe in the heart But that condoms have something that does not guarantee safety, causing me to be infected with a century disease from when I don't know. To until the doctor reported that I would almost collapsed at the laboratory ... Now witnessed the scene, my mother collapsed because of sadness, because of frustration, my sister every time I met me was once wounded my tears The luck, I found myself regretful, it was blaming. Maybe my life ended here, when I first entered the age of 26? When I haven't helped anything for my father, my mother, I don't know a true love to have the opportunity to repay the ethnicity, for my father and mother a next generation tracking as the desire of your parents ... An Tri

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