Head Of Taliban: Western Come Back With Money, Not Guns

New Provincial Prefecture Helmand, who had many years of fighting British troops in Sangin Town, said that the time of the war was passed and the West needed to recognize the Taliban in Afghanistan. Talib Mawlawi, Helmand's original man With the West when the Taliban first controlled Afghanistan, said: "We have confronted the war but don't know each other in peace," Guardian reported on September 14. "Now, they (England and cities Other NATO tablets) can send it to us to recognize the Taliban's new government, "said Mawlawi said.Talib Mawlawi, Governor Helmand under the Taliban administration. Photo: Guardian

.Theo Mawlawi, Although Taliban has taken control Control Lashkar Gar (Helmand capital), this locality is very economical and calling for the foreign government to support. "The international community helps countries supported by people. We have brought Security and support of people
Therefore, they should help us and recognize the new government, "Mawlawi said. Afgha people Nistan works for the government who has not been paid in the past few weeks, during the transition between the two periods in Southwest Asia. The collapse of the Afghan Government, causing a precarious economy to see clearly. Some people who contact the British Government and international organizations have left the country. Many organizations because the lack of manpower must stop operating while domestic business is suspended. In the Taliban administration, the first decisions in the field of education and costumes for women, Mr. Mawlawi said it would follow the regulations of key leaders: "The ministries still meet the table, we will do whatever they require". In the past 20 years, Mawlawi has joined the Taliban fighting Control Helmand. This group was accused of attacking civilians, including Journalist Elyas Dayee - who killed in the autumn bombing of 2020.Tay overwhelmed Taliban guns when entering the former Vice President's mansion A 150 Taliban soldiers were arranged in the former vice president Afghanistan Abdul Rashid Dostum, who had left the country at the time of Kabul falling

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