Head Of The Head, The Number Of Young People Get A Painful

Recently, the clip of a young man's heads and a young man and received a painful ending of Netizen to get a stomach laugh. A young man confidently shows the head of the motorbike before the monitoring of many people. So the guy does not have a full ending, the wheel suddenly slipped, losing driving and staggering straight down into the river next to the beside. full of water. After later, some other young men were very happy to take place to help, extremely difficult to pull the means to the shore

. More attention, the voice of a man who said loudly after the head of the head of the nest. idea. Specifically, this person said: "This is the consequences of people's heads"
. On the side of the woman, they boredly shook their heads before this dangerous car. Don't you reply to "or" Need a stronger measure with components that like to load the head outside the way, so dangerous, what does it rush into others innocent? "... are comments Netizens leave under the clips of the fault. The head of the motorbike heads straight into the youth's riverbed and immediately attracted Netizen's attention. It is too familiar action of many young people in big age. Especially in cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, the players organize a racing, load as much as rice. Previously, many times Vietnamese social networks have witnessed the opening of the error version of the error The "nest"
The Netizen section expressed that point of view that the ending of those who like to play abords. "Saying unconsciously, the epidemic was tense this to the ceiling, to the street Naughty heads "or" Catching it all over to support the road, everyone is too busy against the epidemic. " Invite readers to watch videos: The head of the motorbike goes straight into the riverbed of youth - Source: TiktokThien Anh

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