Hearing A Strange Cry From The Well, The Boy Climbed Down To 1 Thing Who Looked Too Much

What is stuck in the abandoned well? News related to strawberry tends to buy hundreds of millions to buy pearls, mother-in-law still doubt: Is it a false false? Tiger to get out of the car after a reflection sentence in a outdoor walk, this man suddenly heard the strange sound. Because I feel curious, you're looking for a place to emit the sound. After a scorching around, the man discovered it from a huge well that was abandoned for quite a long time. There is a catalytic part as a saving seizure of a creature stuck below. But because the well is very big, deep and dark, so the man cannot see that end of it

. After all, he decided to refer to the help of nearby people to go down below rescue the other animal. Photo: Sina source. The surrounding people said, this is a well abandoned well Wild longer, below only a few rainwalks
So they proved quite worried about the man when he saw him using the swing downwards. Fortunately, everything happened relatively smoothly. Only behind, the man rescued the successful biottle of the creature. Photo: Sina source. Photo: Sina.Tin source related to the patient to enter the hotel for healing, unexpectedly Taking into the trap is a small dog. At the time of found, its wet appearance and trembling made many people feel extremely merciful. Then, the dog has been kept warm and feeding. In addition to seeming to have been starving for a long time, the animal's health has nothing ominous. But looks at its thin body, the man must have a little dog trapped in the well Time
If you don't have to go through today and hear its calls for help, don't know that poor animal will have to be below the cold wet well ... * Source: Sina News

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