Hearing Her Helps Reveal The Secret Behind The Girl’s ‘rich’ Sister’s Cover, I Rushed To Ask Me To Leave My Heart

I still nated my sister live very well with young husbands. So it comes to know the truth completely opposite. My family has no conditions, parents are constantly sick. Because of difficult circumstances, finished level 3, my sisters all over the city. I do a salesperson, and my sister is introduced by an acquaintance so making a maid for a wealthy family

. The last time, I announced that I was pregnant with my lover, also the son of the house owner. After coming to my house, the family's family would like to postpone the wedding with the reason why the house was seriously ill, they didn't want the wedding to be held completely. My house is reasonable to agree with this option
Today I visit my sister without notice. Thinking when the stomach brought his body, it was a baby in the rich house, I will be more leisurely. Which of her abdomen surpasses, I still have to help your home work. Clothes don't have a new map, the dress is wearing a long time for a long time. (Artwork) found me so hard, I had a few sentences, didn't understand why it was rich, I still have a lack of fairness. Those words were helping to work in the house. She was near my house, so the two sides were quite close. When I left, she pulled me to say smaller: "My grandmother has a sound of strawberry but not happy, I still have not yet registered to marry, the hostess is also very difficult to accept Baby in the stomach ".Nghe love from her help, I rushed into asking. Unable to hide anymore, I hugged me crying
Then go to the house to only accept me, don't accept my daughter-in-law. They said my brother was balanced for their son. Meeting my family last time was just a form. I wanted to suffer, I wanted to take her home immediately. But my sister still innocently said to stay born and wait for her husband's house to accept it. Anyway, my husband is also a responsible man. And I'm afraid my brother must be disadvantaged. Should I tell my parents to let your grandparents go to the talking house to talk to the left? Teo Thuc Trinh / Fatherland newspaper

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