Heart The Moment The Man Was Shark Chasing On The Sea

There are moments, the viewer has the feeling of 'Ocean killer' only a few steps from the man in: 00: 00/1: 40 nurse in the heart of Middles, Isabela, in Puerto Rico, the region Quoc Hai under the sovereignty of the United States. According to the shared video on the social network, British Rolando Montes when surfing suddenly discovered a shark's dorsal fin - the species was dubbed the "Ocean killer". Footsteps, British Rolando Montes hurriedly turned his head, rowing on the shore. Sharks seem to feel "prey" are escaping, so it also accelerates. "This is the first time in my life, I saw sharks, British Rolando Montes shared after sincumbing the chase of sharks

. Scary moments when the man is almost a few Footsteps. Photo: Reuters Sea off the offshore Puerto Rico rarely recognizes the appearance of sharks. The most recent, people discovered "Ocean killer" here is a decade ago
However, at More places in the United States and the countries with sea, sharks are still horrifying horrors of many people. According to the report, in the past 9 years, nearly 800 cases must be hospitalized by attacking sharks. Particularly in the US Only in 2021 have recorded 33 cases. On the world once recorded cases attacking horrific people. One of them can tell Rodney Fox's case, then 23 years old, once right Stopping 462 nases after taking bored "Ocean killer". The whole of his abdomen was torn and torn completely, all the left ribs were broken. Even, his spleen and lungs are not intact due to sharks torn apart. Although luckily escaped miraculously, but so far the tragedy is still in a man memory, when a shark tooth still plugs on Fox's wrist. Nguyen Nguyen (According to Mirror)

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