Heavy Hearts Of Doctors About Mid-autumn Festival ‘special’ At The Treatment Where Covid-19 Patients

Mid-Autumn Festival this year is probably a lot more special and memorable not only for patients who are treating Covid-19 but also with the doctor who is performing anti-epidemic tasks in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and also Water in general.02: 00/4: 39 nam nuThu Mid-Autumn Festival love to have a warm Mid-Autumn Festival, full of love and especially the spiritual encouragement for Patients to treat Covid-19, Hospital War No. 3 (Binh Khanh Resettlement Area of An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City) has collaborated with Ho Chi Minh City Trade Union, Manh Manh and the basic delegations prepare more than 400 gifts to give patients, especially The children at the hospital are known, about 150 children are F0 treating at the Panic Hospital No. 3. Mid-Autumn Festival this year becomes a lot more special for children because they must be in quarantine , Far away from family, not with friends to pick up the lights, break the

... small children in the treatment area at the 3-year-old hospital received the Mid-Autumn Foundation
Change with PV News and Life, BSCKI , Head k Clinical flowers (Panic Hospital No. 3) said: "Perhaps the Mid-Autumn Festival this year will be a memorable memory not only for patients but also for those who are in the translation of the translation head as us. This year there will be a lot of people looking at the moon in the quarantine without gathering with the family. Here we consider the patients who are treating Covid-19 like their children. Mid-Autumn Festival is the day of you who are small, we should have been gathered with the family to break the deck, go out and now have to be in quarantine. There will definitely have a lot of sad and stupid friends. Understanding that, the hospital has collaborated with donors, organizing gifts to encourage, comfort, encourage positive spirit to the children. Mid-autumn gifts for children In the Covid-19 treatment area when receiving any gifts to be excited, looking at the smiles on the lips also do the doctors we warm, remember the house, miss you and motivate you to continue The war pushed back her screw enemy ".Although welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival in the field hospital, there was no family on the side but the gifts no matter how much material value helped them feel love, This warmth and turning on Tet holiday becomes more meaningful, especially. "Ever three, Mom Back?" For many doctors, Mid-Autumn Festival is also the time to remember them, parents, children What is more
In this Covid-19 anti-epidemic battle, both Public BS spouses are at the beginning of the first line, a person who treats the patient at the 3-year-old hospital, the rest of the hospital 30 / 4 (tp.hcm). Has many th Now, you still haven't come home to visit your child, my parents can only "meet" via phone screen.Bs.cki Ly Quoc Cong Time to rest calls for cavers. Cong Tam: "It has been 2 years since Covid-19 epidemic appears in our country, the time I go home very little, mostly in the field or hospital. Mid-Autumn Festival this year is also far away from home and children, do not know how ever can visit the old parents and hug the children into the hearts. Many when calling home to see the children ask "Never new parents?" Or "I miss my parents very much" but want to fall tears. Only appointing children when all my parents' fluids will compensate, the mugs behind their families can gather together. Both parents are working in medicine so two children are familiar with us Not at home regularly. You also always prepare your mind, take care of yourself very early. Every day the couple also enlisted after the work to call for children to encourage, remind, if there was a problem, ask neighbors to help ... ". Mid-autumn gifts for doctors, nursing at Panic Hospital No. 3. The Mid-Autumn Festival season does not disease as many years ago, doctors can gather with their families to chat, eat moon cakes, children break the deck, pick up lights. Mid-Autumn Festival This year is particularly more special, doctors can sit together in a workplace to share, confide, exchange jobs, expertise with each other. Take advantage of "garden plants" to sing Give each other listening, motivating, joyful atmosphere for everyone, relieving stress and especially warm, close to the family on the side. "We feel more excited when getting a lot of interest mind during this Mid-Autumn Festival. The hospital also arranged many gifts to send to the family's hand, the children of medicine, nursing are working here. At the present time, only hope to translate the disease quickly to return to normal life, patients who are returning home and medical staff as we will also be reunited with their families because they're too long ... ", BS PERSONAL SHARE. The 3-year-old Hospital 3 in Ho Chi Minh City began operating from 6/7/2021 with a scale of over 2,500 beds. After more than 2 months of Covid-19 patients, as of the morning 21 / 9, the hospital received nearly 10,000 Covid-19 patients, of which more than 7,200 cases were referred to. It is expected that on the afternoon of September 21 will have about 250 patients treated from hospital. See more videos be interested

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